Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The breakfest Club #Michael Lee

Director: John Hughes
Screenplay: John Hughes
Producers: John Hughes, Michelle Manning, Ned Tanen

The Breakfast club is old movie describing a Saturday detention inside Shermer high school in Shermer, Illinois. I personally enjoy this film because it perfectly describe a regular high school. I've watched it about thirty times and it keeps getting better each watch. I love how it ends and how it actually gets better and they learn something from that one Saturday they spent together.

As I said, It perfectly describes highschool, from having weekend suspensions and also having strict teachers. Of course, this is not the case in every school but a lot of schools are just like this. I also love how this movie perfectly maps the archetypes of the most common students you'll find in a school: The weird one, The disobedient one who makes their problems everyone else's, The Jock of course, The preppy kid, and the brains. There also more to every school but the movie managed to capture the basic ones you see in every school. Til this day, by far my favorite character has got to be the teacher, Mr Vernon. He is an overly controlling teacher with just about as bad an attitude problem as Bender which we will get to him later.

The day starts out with everyone showing up to school and giving us a chance to getting a little taste of what their character is going to be like throughout the rest of the movie. We have Brian who is who is a very talkative nerd who isn't really cool. We also have Bender who is a disobedient rude kid, Allison who is weird and doesn't talk. We have the Jock Andrew and Claire, the pampered rich girl. The days starts off with them entering the library where they are greeting by the Mr. Vernon. He tells them that they have to write a thousand word essay. In this essay they must explain, "who they think they are". Bender and Mr. Vernon go back and forth with comments at each other. Before Mr. Vernon leaves, he gives bender another Saturday detention and says this iconic line, "mess with the bull and you get the horns". Thats just another way of saying don't mess with the guy.

After hours of talking and sleeping, they leave with Bender to get something from his locker. When they reach his locker, they soon realize that it's drugs and some panic. Bender and others rush back but get stuck by a gate. Bender stuffs the drugs into Brian's pants and runs into the gym to distract Mr. Vernon while the others make it back safe. Mr. Vernon then locks bender in a storage room but Bender manages to escapes and make it back to the others. They blaze it up and talk to each and open up about their lives. Andrew finally tells the truth that he rip the butt hairs off a nerd who happened to be Brian's friend. He faces challenges the fact that he can never say no to his father. Allison showed up because she had nothing better to do and because her parents ignore her. Bender has Abusive parents and he gets in trouble a lot. Claire parents use her to get back at each other.

My conclusion to this movie is the being a teenager is tough. Some may have it tougher than others, yes. But, we all have things that we are going through so we shouldn't just judge from first glance and we just be all friend and be better people to each other.


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