Monday, June 12, 2017

Fruitvale Station By Makayla Bigard

Fruitvale Station is a biographical drama film that is based on a true story​, written and directed by Ryan Coogler.  This movie stars Micheal B. Jordan as Oscar Grant and Octavia Spencer as Wanda Johnson, who is Oscar's mother.  The film Fruitvale Station shows the story of Oscar Grant III, a 22 year old black man from Hayward, California and his few days before he was shot by a police officers at the BART police station.  This was excellent movie exactly what many of the police brutality events that are going on in today's society.  Oscar is kind of a troubled guy who had recently lost his job and is making a good effort to keep his family together.  Recently he has just gotten out of jail and his try to do right by his daughter, girlfriend, and his mother.

The movie begins day of New year's Eve.  Oscar and his girlfriend, Sophina (Melonie Diaz) plan to go in town to watch the ball drop that night.  So they took the train with their friends and with an awful turn of events he didn't make it back.  They were all finished that night and were heading home when it all happened.  A fight broke out on the train between Oscar and his friends and another group of boys.  The cops soon stormed on the train throwing all of the boys out and I mean literally threw the boys off the train starting a huge scene.  Oscar and his friend begin to get harassed and some  be in by the cops at the train station.   meanwhile other cops are  exporting the other people on the train off and away from the scene.   Which include asking his girlfriend, Sophia,  who was a nervous wreck at the moment screaming and asking the officers where Oscar and his friends are.   And  then the same turns tragic Oscar is shot in the back by an officer.

I think a powerful aspect in the movie that stuck out to me was how much family meant to Oscar.  He had a daughter who he cared so much for and who was the whole reason why he wanted to get his life together.  The day of the tragic moment when Oscar was killed, his family got together for his mom's birthday.  To see his family laughing, eating, and talking together definitely hit home.  It's something I think everyone could relate to.

This was a very powerful movie especially in these times in America.  there of been many cases today where black people mainly men and boys, I have been shot and killed by an officer.  The film, Fruitvale Station, which  was based on a true story.   captures the scene of what happened that day at BART station in California, where a young man of color lost his life to an officer .   What made the story so heartfelt was that Oscar was trying to do better for himself. He happens to be in the wrong situation at the wrong time and it cost him his life. 

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