Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jaws #Michael Lee

Director: Steven Spielberg
Screenplay: Peter Benchley, Carl  Gottlieb

This movie is about a great white shark that terrorizes a small New England beach town called Amity. After the kills a young skinny dipper, the whole town panics and runs to the police to look for answers on how to proceed with their lives. I personally love this film because of how real the shark actually does look in a lot of the scenes considering how old the movie is. The movie was certainly ahead of it's time. 

One of the most controversial characters in the movie is Mayor Larry Vaughn. Instead of Listening to the the Police Chief to close down the beach, he lets the beaches stay open so that he can make more money. Greediness is certainly is bad virtue at times. Don't you think that it would be safer for the people if the beaches were closed until the shark is caught? I think so. So the town also has a meeting with the Police Chief and Mayor. A ship captain named Quint offers his services to kill the beast of amity, of course at a pricey cost of ten thousand dollars. Remember nothing is free in this world. The Mayor turns down this offer and send the ship captain on his way. So the shark is still swimming out there ready to feed on whoever decides to swim to far from the shallows. 

No one is actually swimming in the water out in a nice day. Everyone is just laying out on the beach waiting for someone to be the first so that everyone else could follow. The Mayor walks ups to someone he knows and tells him and his family to go in the water. As they enter the water, everyone stares and they goes running after them to go enjoy the with them. The ice has bee broken but but soon that won't be the only thing broken. The Chiefs son wants to take his boat out into the water but he says no. The Chief says to take it into the pond where it is safer, Oh the irony. While the kids are on the boat they see a man on a little fishing boat attacked by the shark. He dies and luckily the kids make it safety. What's annoying is that it takes another death to get the whole town to realize that this shark is a big deal and that it needs to be taken care of. 

So the town is on full time watch but fails to catch the right shark. They catch a tiger shark which do eat meat mind you but from what the scientist found out, they are dealing the a Great White Shark. Now the whole town is is really panicing. They decided to take Quint's deal and The police chief and scientist rides along with him. After a couple hours on the water they find him a hook him onto a barrel so they can keep track of where he is. The Ship captain ends up getting swallowed whole and the ship pretty much sinks. The police chief shoots a air tanks thats in the sharks mouth and blows him up.

This movie teaches a valuable lesson, don't wait for it to happen the second time to actually do something. They couldn't saved the second person's life. 

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