Sunday, June 11, 2017

Creed #Damian Henderson

Creed was a movie based on the many Rocky films of the past. In the old Rocky movies there was a famous boxer named Apollo Creed. He was the best boxer in the world at the time. But sadly he was killed in the ring. Before he died he had an affair and ended up having a son. His son Adonis Johnson was a kid who got in trouble a lot. Many for fighting. He wanted to be a boxer just like his father. Even though they have never met each other, he had his father's fighting ability in him. He moved to Philadelphia looking to make a name of himself. He found Rocky and told him about being Apollo's son. He wanted rocky to train him so he could be a better boxer. But at first Rocky said no. He was retired and didn't' want to go back into boxing. But Adonis was persistent.

He went to Rocky all the time to get drills and tips that he could learn. Eventually Rocky saw that Adonis wanted to be great so he decided to help him make a name for himself. He started training him and saw that he was a very good boxer who just needed some direction and guidance. They trained everyday and everyday Adonis was getting better. He even won his first fight by knockout! Everything was going good for Adonis. He was doing what he loved and he even found a girl that he loved. His neighbor Bianca.

But people eventually found out that he was the son a Apollo Creed. The media was buzzing and in the blink of an eye everyone knew who he was. He even got so much attention that he was challenged to fight the best boxer in the world Ricky Conlan. He had to train even harder now that he was fighting the best of the best. But there was a problem. His trainer Rocky got sick. He was in bad shade and was looking like he wasn't going to make it. But Adonis told him that if he fights through it and makes that he would train his hardest and beat Ricky Conlan. Rocky took that as motivation and fought through his sickness. Adonis had the biggest fight of his life and the support of Rocky and Bianca. Did he win? You're gonna have to watch and see for yourself!

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