Thursday, October 29, 2015

Luz Avila - Prior Film Experience - Coraline

Year: 2009
Director: Henry Selick
Main Protagonist: Coraline (Dakota Fanning)

This stop motion animated movie is a masterpiece - and it happens to be one of my favorite films. Coraline is about an only child who moves into a new house with her mother and father who constantly work on their garden catalog. After bring ignored and kept inside of the house Coraline finds a door that leads to another world. A young child + a new area to explore = a thrilling adventure and experience!

It took 20 months to complete this film. Stop motion isn't easy to work with but the outcome is amazing. This type of film is when the camera is in a pattern of starting and stopping to bring the movie to life. Characters are moved in very small increments to provide motion but the stopping and playing of the camera is what helps to give the illusions of the movements.In the movie you can see how the characters seem so realistic based off movements. They aren't robotic and lifeless but relateable and realistic. Selick also used computers and effects to make characters such as the ghost girls pop out.

Henry Selick followed an outline of a young,outgoing girl who enters an alternate reality, loves it, and then wishes to leave similar to the movie such Alice In Wonderland. Coraline is more than just a creepy childrens' movie, it's a work of art.

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