Thursday, October 29, 2015

American Dream: More Common than You Think #luzavila

I am going to attempt to tie Rocky (1976), Sugar (2008), and Man On Wire (2008) all together as best as I can) to the theme of being an American Hero and following the American Dream.

To quickly summarize Rocky, the movie was about a man named Rocky Balboa who was a boxer in Philadelphia. He gets an amazing opportunity to fight against the famous Apollo Creed on January 1, 1976. Rocky goes the distance and amazes those watching the fight.

Sugar was about a 19 year old boy names Miguel "Sugar" Santos who threw the sweetest curve when it came to playing baseball. He was able to go on a single A team in Iowa and live with a family who also shares an interest in baseball. He ends up being the star on his team but it ends up kicking his cousin off the team. Sugar's friend comes in and takes his spot has the outstanding star which leaves Sugar to be the one who may have to leave the team. In the end, he does what will make him content and and less stressed.

Man On Wire was about Phillpe Petit, a man from France with a large passion for tight rope walking. He learned of his passion at a young age and kept his dream close to his heart. With the help of his friends and acquaintances he is able to accomplish his largest dream and amaze the world.

With each film there is this pattern: the protagonist who prepares/has a goal, has a situation to overcome, and they give it their all. The average American Dream is similar to this, people have a goal that they want to achieve but there is (almost always) an obstacle that stands in their way.

The American Dream in Rocky is how Apollo Creed wants to fight Rocky Balboa during the bicentennial (1976 for those who don't know). It follows with a patriotic themed fight where Creed dresses as George Washington and Uncle Sam. Rocky, the underdog, fights 15 full rounds pushing himself and proving he is an equal to Creed. He was able to open this opportunity to others showing that you can rise from the bottom and make your way up.

The American Dream in Sugar is how Miguel rose up from a poor family in a poor country. He was given an opportunity and took the chance. It didn't work out as planned but he did still took the chance and had another plan that included a successful and happy life.

Man on wire is what I consider to be the closest to the American Dream. A French man following his passion and does whatever he can to achieve the dream. He broke laws and friendships to do what he could. In reality it was like a sad love story. 

These films all included an underdog that rose up (even a little) and was able to make their lives better and change their character for the better. 

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  1. This post was really good in tying all three films together under the umbrella of the American Dream theme. By summarizing the three films first and then pointing out their similarities of an underdog kind of protagonist, it got the point across. This post is competent, but Luz is an angel so she's perfect.