Thursday, January 22, 2015

Michelle Ford - Bonnie and Clyde

I enjoyed watching Bonnie and Clyde because this was my first time watching this movie and I also like action movies. I knew Bonnie and Clyde was a strong couple, but I didn't know their background. Clyde changed Bonnie whole life around and in my opinion, without Clyde, she wouldn't have a meaning to her name. In the movie, Clyde was shocked by the butcher because of his reaction but Clyde just wanted something to eat. CW Moss is a mechanic, he's recruited to the gang because he was down and also fixed cars. So, if something went wrong with their car while they would try to get away from a scene, CW is the person to turn too. During one of their robberies, CW failed his first mission. He was the reason why they had to hide out and also made Clyde kill a man. If CW drove the car/ park the right way, then the killing wouldn't happened and maybe people wouldn't seen the car that they drove. Bonnie was a different kind of lady  compared to Blanche and they have know communication towards each other when they first met. Bonnie is more self centered and wanted to just be around Clyde, while Blanche wanted more attention and outgoing. From being in the same room, Bonnie thinks Blanche is dumb and stupid.

The gang antagonize Texas Ranger Frank Hamer by talking him down about his job. Bonnie wanted to take a picture to let everyone thinks he's with the gang. They evaded the police by going over the train tracks, having one of their cars flipped over and the other policeman didn't want to enter Oklahoma.Velma and Eugene are the people that the gang stolen their car from. Their trying to fit in with the gang in order to not get hurt or killed. Bonnie didn't like Eugene profession so she kicked them out the car. Mrs. Parker told Clyde she heard things about him in the paper and she gets scared when she see's him. Clyde makes up things about him, trying to make him look better. Bonnie, Clyde and CW had on all black to meet Bonnie family. On the way to the chicken shack, CW and Blanche discussed things that happened in her life on how she's a preacher daughter. CW told her she's starting to smoke a lot.  The guy at the store told the cops where Bonnie and Clyde stayed. The Okees reacted weird and thought the gang was famous.At first, CW's father wasn't trying to show no hard attentions on the fact that CW is an unidentified suspect. From his face expressions, I would of thought he was happy his son was doing something like this. His father questioned him by saying, do the police knows his last name. 

When Bonnie and Clyde was distance from CW and his father, CW father started to yell and got physical by punching CW in the chest for getting a tattoo on his chest and also for this whole situation he got his self him.His father told CW, he don't want him hanging with the Bonnie and Clyde no more. Clyde offered CW father $40 to stay there just for few days. One day, thee gang and CW took a ride to the store and CW went to a different store while Bonnie was in the store and Clyde waiting in the car. Until, he noticed a police car parked on the side of him. He rushed Bonnie to hurry back in the car and they noticed CW didn't come out of the store yet. So, they left without him. All along, CW knew what was going to happen because his father told him avoid being around them the next time. Bonnie and Clyde seen CW's father on the side of the road trying to fix his car. Clyde offered help and seen CW's father drop to the ground and out of know where, bullets came from all directions shooting Bonnie and Clyde until they couldn't stand no more and destroying their car. 

I thought the ending was sad because CW's set the up and could of handled it a different way instead of killing them. This is a real definition of a ride or die couple because of them snitched or felt uncomfortable towards each other and they had a good time together. But mostly they had was  Trust. 

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