Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bonnie and Clyde: ON THE RUN. ♥

As our class came to a close on the Bonnie and Clyde film, I can honestly say that Author Penn did an outstanding job. Bonnie and Clyde are known as one of the most powerful, seemingly unstoppable couples in history and Penn took that and gave the world an detailed inspect on the couple's lives.

The story of Bonnie and Clyde has a storyline of "boy meets girl, girl perfect woman" Clyde meets this woman who he feels is the perfect woman for him, and he knew together, they could not be stopped. Together, they were both savages in love, and love can make you do crazy things, especially if it's for the  one you love. 

The rebellious couple did anything for one another. If one killed, the other killed. If one ran, the other ran. Bonnie, for example, was madly in love with what seemed to be her soulmate, she did whatever it took to stand by the side of her man, and she knew she wouldn't let a single soul get in the way of that.  

This couple reminds me another successful couple, the extraordinary Beyoncé and Jay Z. Over the summer, they created a tour called "On The Run". The tour was based off Bonnie and Clyde's relationship, with scenes of Beyoncé and Jay robbing banks, shooting people, and well, mainly on the run. This just reveals how both relationships dealt with people trying to take them down, but they would not let that happen, they wouldn't let the public separate them from their love. When you finally meet that one person who you would kill for, you'd do anything and everything to keep them by your side. 

Both the movie and tour reveal overall theme(s) of love & loyalty, which today is what any couple can ask for, and that's what makes Bonnie and Clyde known as a powerful couple. They had the main keys to a successful relationship, no matter how demented and dangerous they seemed, and that's what made them unstoppable.

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