Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deana Tavares Chicago Middle

I still haven't lost interest in this movie/musical, which surprises me because I thought the musical thing would really end up pushing me away from liking it. It's weird because even though Roxy and Velma both committed a crime, you still feel bad in a sense and hope that they are able to get out of jail sooner than later. I noticed how once Roxy got the attention on herself and away from Velma, Velma was ready to almost beg to team up with each other. Offering chocolates, complimenting her, talking about doing a duo performance together like she used to with her sister, etc. That gave Roxy the upperhand and she rejected her, leaving Velma in the dust and desperate. I really like how when the actors aren't singing they look like they're in a regular movie and when they do sing and dance, it changes to a stage scene, giving it that musical effect.

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