Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chicago Reflection ♥

Chicago Reflection. ♥

While our class was watching the movie Chicago: Diamond Edition directed by Rob Marshall, I've come to realized that this is actually a great piece of work. The acting alone was much dramatic, and not really believable, but when it came to the theatrical moments, I could tell that the actors were really into it, for example, the 'Cell Block Tango' was so realistic to me, it was performed with some much emotion, and rage with kept me intrigued.

As for the film's dialogue, I couldn't help noticing that everytime someone spoke, it senses as if they spoke with a dramatic tone or their voices would sound theatre like, which kept me interested for a moment.

The overall theme of this movie is something that I found to be somewhat different, it's something that's not too cliché but at the same time it separates itself from your typical average musical movie, it's no High School Musicsl, or Cats, it's more than that. It's a movie with emotion that the audience can feel, and it speaks through music which is most important.

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