Monday, January 12, 2015

Dejah Tinney: Bonnie & Clyde

I've always been interested in Bonnie & Clyde [ Dejah, the ampersand "&" is used in the more recent made for television title] so watching it in class for the first time was cool [I am glad to hear this; would love for you to elaborate on what was cool about it]

Well, I've been to musems where they say they had the actual Bonnie & Clyde car on display like the Crime Museum in Washington. I've always been fascinated with Bonnie & Clyde's story and how they became the way that they were. 

I also watched the newer one and compared it to the one we watched in class and I like the newer one much better. They told different stories though which got me confused... was Clyde killed outside or the car or inside?

Anyways, Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow were both different people when they first met, but Bonnie always wanted something new; she was bored with her life. That's how [how or why?] she fell in love with Clyde Barrow, a bank robber who was dangerous, adventurous, and also very charming [was Clyde already robbing banks when they met?]

I believe that he just got out of jail before they met or he started the first day they met.

I enjoyed both movies because I think it's interesting to actually see the things these two went through, robbing banks and hiding out from the cops everywhere they went. I also thought it was kind of weird how Clyde convinced so many people to join him and Bonnie [this is an interesting idea. What do you think made Clyde so charismatic? What types of people did he attract? Is there anything ironic about his older brother joining the gang and Clyde retaining his position of power/leadership?]

I think Clyde was very persuasive at the time & maybe his looks could've played a role in it. Clyde attracted weak people, people who were unhappy in the situation that they were living in at the time. He made them believe that joining him could actually make them have a better and much happier life. 

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