Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#DeanaTavares Badlands End

The ending of Badlands actually had kind of a twisted ending; it was weird. I couldn't understand whether Holly (Sissy Spacek) didn't go with Kit (Martin Sheen) in the helicopter because she wanted to get caught [Holly surrendered to the helicopter pilot; Kit fled in the Cadillac] or because she thought that this was her only chance of getting away from Kit.

Kit wasn't even holding her hostage; she could've already left if she wanted. So why stay and get caught when she could've just gotten in the helicopter and got dropped off somewhere else [see comment above]? Or even leave earlier than that?
 It seems to me like she liked this danger, but once she realized how much trouble she was in for running with this "hell-bent type," she felt like she had no other choice but to let herself get caught. This shows how naive Holly was. Even though I really didn't like this movie, I guess it was an okay plot. I think it just needed better acting [interestingly (or not) the actors were following the director's, well, direction. Malick "was fascinated with the sort of character for whom morals didn't even enter the picture. Long before he conceived of making a movie of Charlie Starkweather, he would talk in this voice. In the voice that he taught Marty [Sheen] to talk in." I think he wanted the performances to be flat to express the type of boredom and lack of emotional connection that some American youth were experiencing at the time.] I think maybe it was made to be like Bonnie and Clyde with it's own distinction but didn't turn out that way in reality.
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