Friday, February 26, 2016

Rebel Without a cause

This is about a new kid in town named Jim Stark. He has gotten into so much trouble every where he goes he sparks up trouble its the main reason why his parents had to move before. He comes from a middle class family.  His parents decide to move to a new town for he can have a clean start but its not easy being the new kid on the block and especially when you come from a background of always seeking trouble. Jim goes to Dawson High School and seems to be doing ok he actually forms a bond with a disturbed classmate named Plato and then finds interest in the local girl named Judy.I believe that this movie is particularly powerful because it encourages young people to be compassionate to one another, and essentially "do what is right". In the film, Jim's parents never allowed him to be accountable for his actions. Jim defied this by going back and trying to help John because he understood what it felt like to be abandoned. Even though John's life was tragically ended, Jim tried his best to help someone who desperately needed a friend. I think we can all learn a powerful lesson from this film. 

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