Friday, February 26, 2016

Malcolm X

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 Malcolm X is a 1992 autobiography about the actual life of Malcolm Little. Malcolm X was a great movie that contained lots of interesting facts about his actual life and had lots of comedy parts to make viewers laugh. At the beginning of this movie it portrays the his troubled life along with his right hand man Shorty. Malcolm's father was killed by the KKK when he was at a young age even though police reports consider his death as a suicide. His mother on the other hand, was sent to a mental center. He was also separated from his siblings. Malcolm X was one of the most important human rights leaders and was an extremely gifted speaker. What I had found most interesting about his story is how he had completely changed his entire lifestyle from a typical "nigger" into having one of the most influential voices in America at the time. This is interesting to me because he had received the respect from these people after getting out of prison. Malcolm X had contained a type of perspective on situations that makes you enter his mindset and start to think just like him.

  Spike Lee had done a phenomenal job portraying the early life of Malcolm X while acting as his best friend Shorty. I like how he showed Malcolm as wanting to be cool and falling into the system while inheriting the "Slave mindset." Towards the end of the movie you notice the mood of the movie becoming sad. Betty Shabazz (Malcolm's wife) had felt that he was approaching death before Malcolm can even believe it himself. The ending of this movie just shows that anybody who really attempts to make a human rights difference in their society always suffers at the end.

I would recommend this movie to anybody who would be interested in learning about Malcolm X. Honestly, I knew who Malcolm X was but I didn't know much about his lifestyle and what he had done before becoming an inspirational speaker. After this movie I think I would actually like to know more about the real life of Malcolm X, not just the Hollywood version.

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