Friday, February 26, 2016

breakfast club

Breakfast Club is a 1985 drama film written and directed by John Huges. This movie is about five teenagers as they spend their Saturday together in detention .ohn Bender (Judd Nelson) "The Criminal", Claire Stendish (Molly Ringwald) "The Princess", Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall) "The Brain", Andy Clark (Emilio Estevez) "The Athelete" ; and Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) "The Basket Case".At first, the five just goof off - they dance, they fight, they tell stories (like about Bender's father) and one shakes dandruff out of her hair to create a pile of "snowflakes." Fun.

Eventually they wind up opening up to each other and we find out who everyone is and what kind of character they are. Later on in the film, some of their more hidden traits come out. For instance, Bender becomes softer and is a bit more friendly towards the group (as opposed to him being a complete dickhead before) Hell, Claire kisses him! Andrew winds up becoming interested in Allison after Claire gives her a makeover.

At the end of the film, the group finally does the essay and signs it as "The Breakfast Club" and leave it for Mr. Vernon to read. There were two similar but different letters in the beginning and end. It shifted from antagonizing to the letter realizing that the group is similar in their own ways.

I personally enjoyed this film, it's rather funny.

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