Friday, February 26, 2016

Elaine N. Fruitvale Station

This movie to me is a film that still can impact and reflects our world today. The way Oscar lived is still ow many out there are. He experienced going to jail, missing out on his daughters life, working illegally, and just making the wrong decisions. Many of us have made bad decisions in our lives. The movie also touches base with an issue we deal which is police brutality. It just so happens that the cops that had Oscar and his friends were white. Then, on top of that all of Oscar and his friends were black. I thought of police brutality when one of the cops shot Oscar in his back to tame him. I figured out why citizens do not obey policemen, I believe it is because many of them abuse their power and don't trust civilians when they could be saying the truth. 

There are so many records of policemen abusing their power, like Ferguson and etc.  I understand the officer was trying to tame Oscar by shooting him, but then when you read the real story the cop says" he was reaching for his taser" and got sentenced for Involuntary Manslaughter for 2 years, and got  released after 11 months.The police officer was actually going to be tried for second degree murder because over 150 people were arrested by those cops. To me that is not right because if the cop was black he would of served the full time.

The movie overall was good in my opinion. The dog scene foreshadowed that someone was going to die and ironically it was Oscar, the one who helped the dog. Even though the scene seems irrelevant that is what I thought about it.  I would really recommend this movie to anyone, it based on a true story and at  the end talks about the family who did experience this tragedy. I would recommend to young adults just a mature audience who can really understand the film and the events that are related to this film. 

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