Monday, February 29, 2016

Malcolm X Maxwell joyner

Malcolm X. Dir, Spike Lee.
perf. Denzel Washington (Malcolm Little/Malcolm X), Spike Lee (shorty),  Angela Basset (Betty)

The film begins with Malcolm X in Boston and Harlem along with his friend Shorty and their involvement in burglary, drug dealing and prostitution. 

Malcolm's father was killed by the KKK, and his mother was sent to a mental center. As a result Malcolm was separated from his siblings.  

This was one of the best movies I have seen so far. To me Malcolm X had so much power in that time era when segregation was going on. This movie shows that no dream is too big for anybody.  At childhood Malcolm wanted to become a president [lawyer] when he was little and his [white] teacher [played by David Patrick Kelly] told him that he couldn't do it. now he's the most popular Muslim ever.

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