Friday, February 26, 2016

Malcolm X #jayatterberry

Malcolm X is a movie about Malcolm X and his life. At first he was a total pimp, his nickname was Red (he was reportedly a 'ginger' due to his maternal grandmother having been raped by a white man), and he robbed people. He then dates some random white girl and gets in trouble for that. Then when he was high he made a bet that actually came true but then he didn't get the money so he yelled at the bet dude [his mentor during his 'life of crime' West Indian Archie, portrayed by Lee regular Delroy Lindo, later went on to play Woody Carmichael in Crooklyn (1994)]. The bet dude didn't like that so he tried killing him. So he ran away and started stealing again and then he was caught. He went to jail for some time and then became a Muslim [a Black Muslim specifically, NOI (Nation of Islam)], because why not? 

He then got out of jail after a long time (although originally sentenced to eight to ten years; he was released after six years) because he didn't act very good like in jail  [Is this true? Jay, can you provide examples?]. Then he became a Muslim preacher. He did that for a long time until he realized he was basically being used so he quit doing that and did regular preaching [Jay, although he split from the NOI, he remained a Muslim, one might say he actually became a true believer in the Islamic faith, converting to Sunnism]

Prior to leaving the NOI, Malcolm is introduced to Sister Betty Shabazz. After having some kids and being threatened for a long time, he got shot with a shotgun and then some random crazy guy with a pistol who shot him like 10 times because he wanted to [Malcolm X was assassinated while delivering a sermon at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, NYC on February 22, 1965]. Then that was basically the end except for the random children that kept saying I am Malcom X [What about Ossie Davis's eulogy? What about the cameo by Nelson Mandela?]. I enjoyed the movie because it reminds me of the excellence of the Black [what?], and it makes me feel powerful [Good].

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