Monday, February 29, 2016

Jason Prates Breakfast Club

Imagine this, you're stuck in school with four other kids you don't know, until you all get detention Then, all of you become good friends. That's what happens in The Breakfast Club We meet Allison, Claire, John, Brian, and Andrew. The five kids with absolutely nothing in common. Brian has a fake ID so he can vote, Claire is a glamour girl who tries to be prettier than the other girls, Andrew, the wrestler. John, trouble maker. and Allison, who's the "basketcase". This film is, to me, 100% comedy From the silly dancing, to them all smoking and acting goofy. Though there were some slow parts such as when they all confessed their secrets and when Allison dumped her purse out and said her back story and then said to "stay out" This film was directed by John Hughes who did an excellent job directing this film. He directed every scene perfectly. I wouldn't like it any other way. From the beginning to the end it was perfect. A classic. If they did a remake, I'd watch it but I'm already going to call it. It won't be the same as the original. I'd want the classics to be in the film. Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel, and just the movie classics. I'm not into names but those two I know are classics.

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