Sunday, November 23, 2014


I honestly loved this movie. I love how the man acts so suspicious when the sister and boyfriend go looking to find the detective and Marion. The movie wasn't even so much about the fact that Marion stole the money anymore. It was more about the mother being a killer and what was going to have to happen in order for this movie to have an ending. I was so shocked by the ending of the movie. When I found out that the man was the real killer and had double personalties, one being his mother that had been dead for a very long time, it made me connect to AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM SEASON. I connected it to this show because someone like him would be in that asylum being that both took place back then. But it makes me wonder how the death of his mother and his mental being wasn't investigated. Altogether it was a great movie and like I said before I'd love to watch the second one. Oh and to add on, I liked how at the end of the movie when he was in the cell, he turned on his mothers personality in his brain and talked basically saying he wasn't finished with what he had started.

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