Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Breakfast Club - Jesus G

The Breakfast Club

     Given the fact that I've never watched this movie and only picked up on it half way through it, it came out to be a very interesting movie due to the clash of different personalities. This is what I believe made the movie very unique as it create a falling apart family sort of feel. 
     There was your nerd styled character, Brian Johnson, who was arguably the smartest academically. He used some logic but also deals with a lot of stress, He is greatly portrait by actor Anthony Michael Hall, as he was actually the youngest male actor in the movie. Smart, young, overachieving but all due to the amount of stress and pressure that is on his shoulder. There are people who can relate to this character as it shows the true reality of high expectations. No one is to say that is bad but can be damaging. This was greatly reflected on this character as he was what was expected of him but paying the price of wanting to end his life.
     On the other hand, you have John Bender (pictured above on the right), played by Judd Nelson, played the bad boy. at the time being 25 years old. He was greatly portrait and presented pretty great as the attire that he wore presented his stereotype quite well. He seemed to be the one to do as he wants and almost calls that place home because he attends detention every Saturday. He expressed himself in this was due to the lack of healthy environment, as he stated that he got a pack of cigarettes for Christmas at one point.  I'd say that this was a good representation of what your typical rebel is as they are looked down upon from just about every other social clique and uses substance one way or another. 
     I bring the attention of these two characters because this movie ties well, with what I believe, the theme being that everyone, no matter how they present themselves, go through some sort of social pressure, and no one ever really has it is.
     On one hand, you have the bad guy, Bender who with all that he goes through, create a rebellious character into himself. He goes against authority and doesn't do what is asked of him. On the other hand, Johnson, was the polar opposite of him as he did ask of him and due to all this pressure, he wanted to end his life with a flare gun, hence the reason he ended up in this detention. So going back to it, it shows the different types of people in schools and how they are. It shows not only how they present themselves in the school environment but as well as their home surroundings. This created a movie that not only goes on face value but goes in depth of who we are as people and more importantly, why. 
     This movie did a great job on creating a theme of teenage pressure and portrayal. We, as teenagers, cope with all the differences that is asked of us, in different ways. Some of us will show it in a negative way by going against the authority and being disrespectful, some of us will meet the expectations while tearing ourselves apart, some others will turn out to be very quite and shy, some will be a class clown and this is all causes of the way we are raised and coping with the amount of pressure that is asked of us. The Breakfast Club was a great movie in the sense that it succesfully took the main typical students in a public school and explained in depth how they end up the way they do.  This movie was one of my favorite movies despite the fact I started watching it late. 

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