Sunday, December 13, 2015

Breakfast Club

The movie The Breakfast Club was a very good one, though I've heard many people quote lines from that movie and people say it was a good one I've never seen it until now [run-on]. In my opinion, I think that the main focus of the movie was to show that all the stereotypes [one word] of how people look is not really how things always are. "You can't judge a book by its cover" has been one of the most heard phrases in my life [cliche?]. It has also helped me as well. This movie added another reason on why not too [one "o"].

My favorite part of the movie was when they were explaining how their at home life was. I can connect to this because even though people think I have money or am just a perfect kid, I'm not. I've gone through things; my at home life is far from perfect. People sometimes put on an act so people don't think any things wrong. But another phrase I hear a lot is the people who smile the most went through the most. You can't always assume that's my biggest pet peeve [a little confusing]. Bender assumed a lot about the others. For example about Andrew that he was Mr. Perfect and because he was a good athlete he did everything his dad wanted him too. It really wasn't like that his dad pushed him too hard he didn't enjoy it. Sometimes kids are forced because of there parents or aren't pushed enough like Bender whos parents don't care about him and tell him he's a failure. This movie is probably up there with my favorites now and I will definitely end up watching it again.


I would add to and break up your second paragraph and add a relevant image.


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