Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#jonathannewton Rebel Without a Cause

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Rebel Without a Cause is a very suspenseful movie that portrays Jim Stark's (James Dean) lifestyle as he moves into a new town. Jim enters a new town and gets into lots of trouble as he begins to socialize with a pretty girl who socializes with a troubled clique. Overall Rebel Without a Cause is a great representation of how teenagers lived in the 1950's. One thing overlooked may be how each character dresses in this movie. Each character has a different type of clothing style that still relates to how people would dress in that time era. James Dean has a preppy type of look, while Judy has more of a biker type of style.

This movie portrays how these young teenagers wanted to live more independently. The social issues of each of these students causes them to realize that they all have something in common,theyall have some type of family issues. For example, you can notice how throughout this movie Jim constantly questions his father about how to become a real man. Judy is having issues figuring out that she is growing up and taking denial from her father. Plato does not live with either of his parents, but lives with his maid and has family issues because he has never had a full father figure during his lifetime.

Overall, Nicholas Ray had done a great job on this classic by giving it a black and white type of feeling while keeping this movie in color. He had also done a great job by giving teenage students something to relate to during this time period of the 1950's. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes a classic type of feeling and would like to know how teenagers lived during the 1950's.

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