Monday, December 14, 2015

Jonathan Newton:The Breakfast Club

The breakfast club , written by John Hughes , contains a group of troubled students. These students live different school lifestyles but still connect due to the fact that they have some type of personal issue at home. For example, Andrew and Claire are considered as one of the popular kids in their school but what nobody really knew was the issues they had at home. Claire's parents constantly used her as a weapon against each other. Andrew was a good kid who always obeyed everything that his parents said to do.Allison in this movie is known as a basketcase and nobody really socializes with her often, but they never really knew much about her personal life and how her parents ignore her at home. John was considered the criminal in this movie but was never really known as the sincere person he can really be. His parents never really cared much about him and that had turned him into the person he is today. Lastly there is Brian who is the straight A student who was always known as the brain. He is very intelligent but not a hands on type of student.
 What I like about this movie is that it can still be compared to people in schools today. Each one of these students come from different cliques but still represent the same school even though they had never even socialized. Even in metro you can pick out 5 people in 5 different cliques and I bet they really do not know anything about each other at a personal level. 
Overall this is a great movie that portrays real life school scenarios and how issues at home can effect what type of person you can become and how you can be surprised about how much you have in common with another person who you would think lives a completely different lifestyle.

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