Friday, December 11, 2015

The Breakfast Club, Elaine N.

This movie will always be my all-time favorite movie. In particular this movie touches on what high school is when it comes to friends and cliques . Each kid is part of a different social group: Claire belongs to the popular girls; Andrew belongs to the jocks; Brian belongs to the nerd group; John belongs to the dropouts because of his bad behavior; Allison would be a "nobody " because she has no friends at all.

It is sad that high school can be full of stigmas for certain kids. We should be allowed to explore friendships in our four years. The students I believe exhibit every type of behavior a high school student experiences . John would be the rebel for no apparent reason, every high school students at one point deal with wanting to go against every rule in the book. Claire and Andrew feel peer pressure by the other members of their cliques. A pressure every student feels, the pressure of wanting to be accepted.

Overall, this movie is all about the kids who never would have crossed paths. But at the end of the day learned something new about each other and that no one is really better than each other.  I would recommend this movie to anyone of any age it is just a good enjoyable movie, anyone can relate to.

As a high school student myself, I can fall into many stigmas. But I tend to stay away from the title by being a person with many friends and hangout with many groups. Honestly, I hate the title of being "popular", it makes me feel superior to others, which is not what I want to feel like around my friends and other people.

High school students usually go through a stage of being a "rebel" refusing authority orders. I think it is because we are  young and trying to find ourseleves.

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