Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Color Purple

Gabby Jeannette

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When my mom was younger she [her] parents forbid her to see this movie in the theaters, but she skipped school one day and saw it with her best friend.  After watching it, I understand two things [reasons] why her parents told her not to see it and also why she had to see it so bad. The content was something that only some people [who? what are the qualifications?] could watch, others might not be able to handle to content.

With that said, the people that can handle it, I completely understand their love for it. It was a heart wrenching movie that tears at your heart strings through out the whole 2 [two; write out numbers less than ten] and a half hours.  From the first 2 [SAP] minutes of the movie, we encounter Celie get her daughter taken away from her [by her/its] father and we find out that her child is fathered by her father, meaning that her dad rapes [plural but not necessarily past, evidenced by both Adam and Olivia] her.

For a decent amount of the beginning all of the chooses [choices] that Celie makes are to protect her younger sister Nettie. With that said the fact that her doing stuff for her sister [not necessary] highlights the theme of the human need to protect and care about each other. Even though Celie's children weren't conceived under the best circumstances from the moment they were born she wanted to love and care for them but was unable to. From then on her drive was to protect her younger sister Nettie, even if it meant hurting herself.  Long after that Celie took care of Shug Avery [a nightclub singer and longtime love interest of Mister AKA Albert], even when she was the one that was "stealing her husband", even though she never wanted him in the beginning. Eventually, Shug took care of her and took her away from that heart breaking house that wasn't a home.

The film itself works hard using colors and lighting to hint at the tone of the scene. In the first couple of minutes when Celie was getting Olivia taken from her the lighting and set were very dark and upsetting to draw out the emotion in that moment.  The music didn't stand out to me in this film [interesting observation; I don't love the score; however, I like the blues and gospel songs that Shug sings.  The score seems to me that Quincy Jones is trying too hard to sound like John Williams but maybe that was at the director Steven Spielberg's behest], I think it was more the tone and coloring that caught my eye.  This film was in my opinion the best of all the Spielberg films.  It tops ET, Jaws, and even any of the Indiana Jones movies by a long shot. Simply because the content and the way the risky subject was approached. Some people could have said this movie was purely about racism, but Spielberg put it together in a way that allows viewer to see the depth in the topic of taboo family relations, poverty, and even the struggle of being over powered by an abusive partner [awesome analysis Gabby]. I'd recommend this to any person that has some depth to there [their] interest in movies. If you want a movie just to watch, I wouldn't say this one just for the simple fact that it more than just a movie to pass the time. I believe it's meant to tear at you emotions and open your eyes to subject most people try not to talk about [Quiet as it's kept...].

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