Friday, April 11, 2014

My Reflection on My Sister's Keeeper

Imagine being born for one purpose, and that purpose was to be used for someone else's good.
Now imagine your parents being apart of this plan.
How does it make you feel? Knowing that your parents may not even care about you after they get what they need.
Now imagine them having you just to save their other child's life. How does that make you feel?
I know for me it doesn't feel good, it hurts, makes me feel less than.

Well that's what Abigail was, she was the child born to give her body parts to her older sister Kate who has cancer. Her parents actually went to the doctor and found out which child (sperm) would be a match for Kate so that whenever she needed organs there would be no issue. They had Abigail who was perfect and did exactly that. They never once asked her how she felt about being her sister's person genetic match

Now at the age 11, Abigail is asked to give her kidney to her sister. She knows that she can not live without it, but she also wants to help her sister. Her mother wants to force her into the surgery because she wants Kate to live; But she never considered the life of her other daughter because she's so consumed on what's going on with Kate, that she doesn't even realize that Abigail is still her daughter and needs the same amount of care and love.

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