Sunday, January 26, 2014

There Will Be Blood CVL

This film starts off with workers pumping oil (actually it begins with the protagonist Daniel Plainview mining for silver; the film then flashes forward a few years to Daniel's subsequent oil expedition) and a man with his baby with him. But one of the workers had to crawl in the hole to help get the oil pipe out and almost ended up dying by something falling on him (there were in fact two men in well; Daniel survived the accident. HW's biological father was not so fortunate). This shows these jobs could be very dangerous but people were desperate for jobs at that time (good observation).

A question I had was, why did the working rub oil on the baby's forehead? Is it some kind of symbol (Yes! The worker baptizes his child in oil; this in turn sets up the metaphor that oil and progress replace spirituality) for something? You can tell this is an older film (the film was produced in 2007; the film is set at the turn of century, late 1800s through the early teens thus far) by their apparel, their cars, and the way they talk. The worker guy (Daniel) brings his (adoptive) son everywhere and he was walking with his son and meet a guy named Eli, twin brother of Paul (who sold Daniel information regarding oil deposits in Little Boston) who gives them wood and gets water from a nearby little house. One of the guys is trying to advance his company and  is selling something. As the movie goes on we will see what is yet to come...

Keep up the good work Natasha!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breakfast Club

The first thing I will say about this movie is that the title has no type of relation to the movie what so ever. The phrase breakfast club was said once in the movie. Those kids didn't even eat breakfast there so I don't get where breakfast club comes from. 
The movie was a little weird though. The fact that all those kids got away with smoking dubbies during a Saturday detention is beyond me. 
This movie left me with a lot of questions. I actually believe they should have had the ending be hat happened in school on Monday. If they stayed friends after that point or parted their own ways. But I am still wondering how the basket case thought it was a good idea to go to Saturday detention and why in the world would the athlete date that crazy thief.

Restinel Lomotey

Rebel Without a Cause

This movie was confusing to start. I was unaware that Jim was a high school student until well into the movie, the morning of his first day of school. However, the real reason why Jim was so rebellious was because of his anger towards his dad for being such a coward. His dad wasn't the one wearing the pants in his relationship and this made him very unconfortable at home. He acted the way he did because he didn't know how to act as a real man. He wasn't going to learn by watching his dad. So he thought being brave, living on the edge of life is what made him a man. Even though he almost died and nearly got shot, he didn't know better.

Restinel Lomotey


I really didn't like the movie i felt like it was disgusting with the girl being only 14 running around with a grown man.SMH

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde was on of the better movies we watched in class it was entertaining surprisingly escaping from the cops and the ending of the movie was brutally funny me.


I REALLY did't like the movie Chicago the music drove me crazy after a while i think it should just stick of just being a play.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

badlands/bonnie & clyde

I personally liked Arthur Penn’s 1967 Bonnie and Clyde a lot more than I did Terrence Malick’s 1973 Badlands. Even though both movies featured criminal couples doing bad things portrayed as heroes there was a big difference between the two. Bonnie and Clyde seemed less serious, Clyde tries to rob a bank with no money, Clyde can’t get it up, Gene Wilder even has a cameo. Badlands did not have a single moment that made me laugh. Bonnie and Clyde glorified the main criminals more than badlands. In Bonnie and Clyde they specifically cast more attractive people to play the criminal couple so audiences would like them. In badlands they styled the characters look after their real life counterparts.Another big difference between the two movies is how they ended and the main characters behavior. Bonnie and Clyde went out with a bang. Both Bonnie and Clyde hurt people, shot guns, and generally liked what they were doing, that's what attracted them to each other. That is also why they were both shot hundreds of times instead of just Bonnie or just Clyde they died evenly. In Badlands Kit was the main criminal and Holly seemed to go along for the ride. Kit committed all the crimes and Holly just didn't seem to mind, Holly even eventually realized it was wrong and turned herself in. Kit wasn't as hardcore as Bonnie and Clyde and made it seem like he didn't want to get caught but he really did. Kit received more of a punishment because Holly is seen as innocent.

Badlands by: Robin

Badlands was like a modern Bonnie and Clyde movie. Shes a sweet young girl who meets a bad boy older guy who stares her down the wrong road. Kit kills Holly's father cause he didnt want her seeing Kit. Yet Holly still likes Kit enough to become a fugitive on the run with him, after he sets a fire and trys to fake their deaths so no one will go after them. It was suprisingly an interesting movie I didnt think I would like it. It was full of love, betral, suspense i never could guess what was goin to happen on their journey.  Even though for different reasons they had to stay on the move with a trail of deaths due to Kit and his trigger happy hand of killing witout thinking.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bonnie & clyde / badlands

Bonnie and clyde is pretty much an original. Everyone knows them and sees them as role models rather then dangerous to society and a bad example. But of course. Who wouldnt love the story of two young people in love running away together committing crimes and then dieing together. How romantic? Badlands is pretty much the same story but not so romantic. The story was actually dull. In a lot of parts their love just didnt make sence. Especially when he killed her father. I didnt understand how she could be so calm and okay and still leave with him. As if she had no choice. Watch him kill for no reason. Thats what made the bonnie and clyde story so much mature. They killed together. Bonnie was just as strong as clyde . She was also younger same a in badlands but earned enough respect do to her actions. Also because they had reason behind what they were doing. They needed to make a living due to the depression of the economy. Their mind wasnt on killing people. But just on the money. . 


Out of all the movies we have watched in our film studies class i would say chicago is the best. It was not anything like i thought it would be . It was better. The whole theme in general is interesting. A women criminal will definitely catch your eye. When your use to men being violent and going to jail. And the way the main characters imagination was made the movie more enjoyable rather then just being dull and boring. It stretched out the story. It showed what she thought was an american dream. To be famous . Even after all the support her husband gve her through everything and still stould by her besides the fact of all she did . She didnt care abt him. She wanted fame and thats all she cared abt. Which is something for men to think about. How selfish and shiesty women can be. One thing for women could learn from this movie is the principles of competition. You tell lies about yourself to bring your self up and you tell lies about others to bring them down. Its all about knowing the time and place to put on the right show.