Friday, September 27, 2013

Man On Wire critical viewing log entry

This film is a very dramatic one. Like when the woman said there was fear in the van that day when they were going to get into the buildings and put a tightrope across the top. I know this because of the way she spoke and the type of music playing in the background. In the film I also saw that this man fell in love with this girl and he would practice tightrope walking everyday. He would send her love letters, arrange dates, and give her flowers. They would even tightrope walk together! The protagonist is definitely a risk taker and a dreamer because he had a dream one day while looking at a paper at the dentist, to tightrope walk across the World Trade Center. He realized when he got to the top that it would be dangerous but it is something amazing that he loves to do and he'd rather die by doing something so amazing. He says you have to concentrate while tightrope walking and be very serious, which is one of the reasons why he loves doing it. Another scene that had a dramatic affect to it was when they were about to set up their equipment at the World Trade Center but then they hear a noise and quickly hide. It was a guard that comes in, it focuses the concentration on the guard and his staticy walkie talkie. They also focus on when he lit his cigarette and was smoking it. Those scenes all show a certain mood, tone, or emotion. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After Sugar's boss at the workshop place takes him in, Sugar walks down the street and ends up meeting his friend again. You can tell they are both really happy to see each other again. He later calls to talk to his mom and in that scene you can tell he truly misses her and you can feel the love between the two. Then he ends up cheating on his girlfriend (who's in the Dominican Republic) with a Hispanic girl he works with. Later on near the end him and his friend go to this baseball field where they meet other players like him who used to play for baseball teams. They play for fun and Sugar ends up pitching 3 strikes!

Sugar then comes to realization that he is better off how he is now because he's happy. He's no longer under the pressure to pitch strikes or all the pressure of staying on top of his game. In this picture below he's thinking, and it's during that moment when he realizes he doesn't need to be in a professional baseball team to be happy. He's happy how things are now.


I thought that this film was a very interesting one.  It started out as a sports film with the theme of practicing and then getting to the top.  Then it slowly started to switch gears to a personal drama.  It made this change in the middle of the film where he starts to pitch worse.  I feel like he's starting to get distracted by other things like his friend getting dropped from the team and then he resorts to using performance enhancing drugs.  This turns into the theme of personal dilemma and the theme of right and wrong.  When he starts to believe that he is getting worse, he leaves his team and goes to New York to try and find his friend.  While on his journey to New York, it turns into a story of him trying to figure himself out and get his priorities straight.  I enjoyed how at the end, when he just threw a strikeout in his non-professional league, he sat down and looked very upset and glum.  But later, he picked his head up and started laughing and smiling with his friends.  The movie ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger, because you have no idea what he's going to do next, but you can infer his next move in life.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Critical Viewing Log Entry

Seven examples in the movies Sugar that showed emotional impact is, the girl kissed Sugar and she felt bad about it and went inside. Second, when Sal got transferred to Sugar's baseball team Sugar got really happy he had someone he knew. Third, when Sugar couldn't pitch as good anymore his reaction to that was anger and he showed it by hitting the gallon of water with a baseball bat to take out his frustrations. Fourth, Sugar had took some pills from a guy and everything went downhill. He started getting dizzy , he couldn't pitch right, and he almost got into a fight! Fifth, when they were at the dinner table and Sugar started to feel bad and said sorry to the old people for not pitching right and almost cried. Their reaction to that was to comfort him and say it's alright. Sixth, Sugar went to New York and talks to his mom on the phone but she’s not too happy about him leaving baseball and keeps telling him to go back. That shows she cares a lot about her son when she said “Is this how I raised you, to give up?” Seventh, while Sugar was in New York he had nowhere to stay. He had a job making tables at a furniture place with this Puerto Rican guy he got along with, I guess you can say they’re friends now. Well he told him he had nowhere to stay and the guys showed generosity when he let Sugar stay at his house. So those are some scenes that really show the emotion between each other.

Capsule Review of Rocky

I would recommend the film Rocky because it teaches you to always have confidence in yourself. It starts off with Rocky not being respected by others and he develops a low self-esteem, he meets a girls along the way named Adrian who also has a low self-esteem. Now see Rocky is a boxer and soon enough he finds himself having to fight an underdog champion. But the point is, Rocky never though he could do it and achieve the American dream he'd always wanted. But his view of things changed and he goes into training to get stronger and more skilled. The point of what I’m trying to say is never give up, and always believe in your dreams. That's what this movie teaches me. Rocky kept training and working hard, and I believe anyone can reach their dream with hard work, confidence, and dedication.