Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Creed by Dara

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Creed and Fruitvale were directed by the same director, Ryan Coogler, and starred the same actor, Michael B Jordan. This movie re launches the franchise Rocky and it pays tribute to Rocky Balboa. There are many references that fans of the original Rocky would enjoy throughout the movie. For example, the training montages are identical. However, one difference is that this movie is heavily revolves around a black man, and modern hip hop music that is the fruit of African American culture. This movie is very emotional because the main underdog that people cheered for is now an old man suffering from an illness. However, the character Adonis is like a foil for Rocky. Adonis is the underdog, he was put into a fight in which he was expected to lose. Also, he is escaping the legacy of Apollo Creed, his father, and want to make a name for himself, not as a son of a legendary boxer. Rocky takes Adonis under his wings and train him. However, one important thing is that Adonis saw Rocky as family and influenced him how to fight once again. Except this time, it wasn't against another man, he was with himself. Rocky did not want to take chemotherapy for cancer and decided to just patiently wait for the time to come. However, the ending scene shows Rocky, 40 years older, walking up the "Rocky Steps" with difficulty but he doesn't give up. Another battle for Rocky as he is still the underdog against cancer, but our protagonist always fight strong.

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