Thursday, June 8, 2017


In Chicago 1920's a lady named Roxie Hart ,dreams of a life on the Vaudeville stage, and spends her nights jazzing it up in the bright lights of Chicago, continually hoping that she'll find her lucky break, and be shot into 1920's stardom murdered  her husband and her sister when she found them in bed together She later on became incarcerated at Cook County jail on overpopulated murderess row, the inmates who primarily knocked off a man who did them wrong. While incarcerated she meet Chicago's lawyer Billy Flynn. Billy is more a showbiz P. R agent than a legal lawyer and manipulates the tabloids into thinking Roxie is no more than an innocent 'good time girl' who took the wrong path, than a scheming murderess. The tabloids go crazy for the new girl on the cell block, and Roxie finally becomes a star. After a will Roxie began to lose her spotlight in the publicity and fakes her own pregnancy. Later on Roxie fires Billy and goes to defend her side of the court case to jury by herself. When Roxie takes the stand, she is also very good. She acts like the helpless house wife who was about to be raped by a madman. They both reached for the gun, and she is a quitted. 

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