Friday, October 30, 2015

Kassandra C -Psycho

Marion crane a middle old aged lady that lives in Phoenix Arizona was the beggining and the cause of a disaster that is soon to come she was told to go take the amount of 40,000 dollars to the bank from her boss which she was taken on her way out of work since it was time for her clock out but instead she decided to steal the money and run away to find her boyfriend to see if they can start a life together with that amount of money but on her travel she was tired and fell asleep in the middle of the road where she happened to be awoken by a police officer the next coming up morning The officer asked if everything was OK and of course her with stealing the money trying to run away with it she stutters and begins to act worried showing the officer stuff aren't correct but at the end the officer let her go on her trouble she stopped to get her car switched but the police officer seemed to have been following her because she met up with her again keeping an eye on her by the time she left again the caught her with a bad rainy weather storm which made her pull in to a motel...... This movie so far seems to be type interesting makes me think if she's supposed to be the psycho

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