Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Psycho (Spoiler Alert)

Marion a secretary from Phoenix steals $40k. Which would only equal $330 today. She goes on the run and stops at a motel to hide away for a while where she meets Norman Bates controlled by his "crazy mother" as the movie goes on he offers her dinner assuming she must be hungry. He goes to get her food from the kitchen when him and his mother get into an argument. His mother and him are loud enough for her to hear them, and his mother wasn't saying the nicest things about Marion. He comes back with her dinner and apologizes for his mothers behalf. While Marion eats Norman has a conversation with her which starts to take a turn to the creepy side. There is a part where he is describing the sickness of his mother and how the mental institute is. He is rather descriptive when he gets down to even the scent of the "mad house". He gets very defensive when Marion suggests he sends his mom there. Later on Marion is showering and Norman's mother barges into the bathroom and stabs her to death. Norman's mother NEVER told Norman that she killed Marion. He goes over cleans up the mess as much as he could, and puts her in the trunk of a car and kicks the car into what seems to be tar. Where eventually the car sinks completely into it. While watching this my thoughts were he seems a little too familiar on how to handle a situation like this. Later Marion's sister visits Norman and is questioning where her sister might be and Norman pretends to be unaware of her whereabouts. He is eventually questioned by Sam also about what went down the night of Marion's death. He seems a little nervous and jittery while answering the detectives questions. Detective Milton being nosey eventually scopes the house out where he has no business being with Normans "crazy" mother on the loose. He is killed. Not too long after finally Marion's sister out of curiosity also visits the house to scope it out. Norman is running inside where she runs and hides under the stairs. But she goes down to the cellar where she sees a lady sitting. She goes up to her and taps her and his mother slowly turns around in the chair were she is revealed to be a skeleton already dead. Marion's sister screams and Normans "mother" comes from behind her with a knife ready to stab her but he is being held by the wrist by Sam. It turns out to be Norman could possibly be skitzo because he was wearing a wig pretending to be him mother. Back to a little earlier into the movie he was pretending to have an argument with his mother out loud but in all reality he was just talking in the voice of his mom. He was having an argument with himself. If you don't like cheesy scary movies this isn't the movie for you. Because when Marion was killed she didn't even have any wounds from the stabs, and it was one of those fake push knives that give you the illusion of stabbing but it's just going in and out of the handle. But if you like twists I would recommend this movie

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