Friday, October 30, 2015

Kassandra C -Psycho part two

This movie ended with a plot twist from what I expected it to be from the start when Marian Crane arrived to the motel a man had received her putting her in room one since she had made a comment saying she was hungry he went to the house and prepared her a mini sandwich for her to not leave it in the storm to a diner a few miles away point is she got killed by a face not revealed at the point thinking it was a lady when she was showering came in to kill him not knowing she had $40,000 The man then ran back saying there was blood grabbing her body and all her stuff and her car throwing gate down the swamp to cover up his so-called mother's murder scooping up ahead of the story the man's mother had been dead for quite some time already came thinking she was still alive made his brain development two personalities which made him act and do what his mother used to do the psycho was the man from the motel and his mother at the same time him being just have himself and have his mother Marion was found down the swamp inside her cars trunk with the $40,000 they captured the man and realize he had a true problem.. This clip actually caught my attention more than other films we have watched just because of the way it was put for the watchers to think it was something knowing it was actualy a twist

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