Wednesday, October 28, 2015

M.joyner- sugar

I just love the theme of Sugar [capitalize and underline or italicize titles of longer works] how it connects with the American Dream. Sugar [disambiguate between the title and the character i.e. The film's protagonist Miguel "Sugar" Santos] always dreamed of playing for the Yankees and supporting his family back in the DR. I thought while he was conditioning and having game in the DR [this is unclear] that he was dedicated to baseball.

Miguel appears to be a small step closer to achieving his goal when he sees his friend Jorge get cut from the team because he wasn't doing well. Then it all went downhill, sugar started to play horrible every game [suffers an injury] and started to do drugs (steroids) [where they steroids or other performance enhancing drugs?] as that would help him some games but not all. After the season was over [was the season over when Miguel AKA Sugar decided to dip off?] he decided to look for a job and got one at the furniture store.

What's your conclusion? What does the film ultimately say about the American Dream? Does Miguel 'live the dream'? At least one man's version of it? What can audience members learn from Sugar? Is it simple entertainment? Or does it have other social value?


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