Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deana Tavares Chicago Ending

I really liked the ending duo performance with Velma and Roxy. They were out of jail and happy again. However, I never was fond of Roxy. I say this because the whole reason she killed that guy was because he lied about being able to make her famous. First of all, she was cheating on her husband with him, which automatically made me not like her. Second of all, she was sleeping with the guy to get famous. And third of all, she killed him when she found out he was lying and got her husband to attempt to cover for her. I honestly like Velma because I felt that if anyone had a real reason to kill someone it was her. I feel like if I were to be any one of the characters, I would be her. Altogether, I really liked this movie/musical and I never thought I would because I'm not a fan of musicals at all. The entire set up of this movie was great and whoever directed the film, I wish could direct all musical films.

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