Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#deanatavares Bonnie and Clyde

When you told me that we were watching Bonnie and Clyde I got so excited! I had never watched the movie before; but I've always wanted to, and I don't think they have the film on Netflix [they don't; they have the 2013 mini-series].

Arthur Penn did a phenomenal job on directing this movie. He really captured the ride-or-die love [nice touch] that the couple had for each other. This movie was really all about love and loyalty. I believe that love needs loyalty, and loyalty needs love; therefore, Bonnie and Clyde are born.

This couple is known nowadays as a "power couple," a couple that is unstoppable because of their love, loyalty, and bond that is just unbreakable. If one dies, so does the other vise versa and so on. Even today you see famous couples try to give off that same type of relationship Bonnie and Clyde had. Beyonce and Jay-Z with their On the Run Tour, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie, Badlands, etc [Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra]. Even I wish to have a Bonnie and Clyde relationship without doing the things that they did.

Just knowing that that's how it would be if things went down the way they did for them would make me feel unbreakable. Call me crazy if you'd like. Bonnie and Clyde will forever be a relevant and unforgettable couples' story. I think Penn did the best job capturing this couple's suspenseful, intense, and just down right crazy life together.

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