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In this part of the film everyone kept repeating "Ali kill him" and Ali thought he would defeat Don King. Ali talked so much about how this was his country and how he was going to win the fight. I think Ali was pretty confident he would win. But when it was time to fight Ali felt sort of scared because in the beginning while they were in the ring Don was stronger. People still cheered for Ali when he was not wining the rounds. The crowd gave him confidence when he was losing to keep going and fight. At the end of the fight Ali came back hard like an "awakened elephant" as they described it. He let the oponent do as they pleased to him like a sleeping elephant and then came full force at the end when he awakened. Ali knocked out Don King and won one of the most important fights in history. 

Black History at MBA

For black history month we watched Malcolm X and that talked about how the white people were not fair to the blacks. The police especially would be unfair and not let Malcolm see his preacher friend when he was in jail injured. They didn't even care to take him to the hospital when he was bleeding and close to death. That showed how cruel they could be to the blacks. The other black history month movie we currently are watching is When We Were Kings and the famous fight between Muhammed Ali and Don King. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

WWWK Restinel

This documentary was more than just about the Muhammed Ali v George Foreman fight, but about a cause bigger than both men themselves. This was a historic fight that highlights black history. Other experiences I've had was a research project I did of Percy Lavon Julian and the Malcom X movie. However I don't believe we did enough to learn more about black history. 

Next movie to watch: COACH CARTER

3/24 Opener

             When We Were Kings, a documentary about Muhammad Ali, fits both as a study of film art and as Black History because he was one of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. Here at MBA we do a lot of things surrounding Black History Month including watching or even having lessons about Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., etc. In chemistry, we did a project celebrating scientist that have had an impact on Black History Month. Black History Month isn't only about honoring the heroes and game changers, it's about what they did that changed everything, even at our school.

Opener 3/25/14

The only experience ihave with black history at mbais this year inthis class watching the malcomn x movie and watching the MLK movie.
When we were kings fit as film art and black history because it shows memoral black people but tell stories about different arts and events important to all people

Black history month

My experince with black history month is about honoring people african american who have made a difference in history. The movie when we were kings fits into the study of film and black history month because Mohamad Ali is changing hisrory  in the boxing world 

Robin- WWWK

It is from 1900s and a fight about one the biggest fights in our history. It fits good in our programming because it has to do with our history. It also connects to Malcolm X which we just watched his fight for blacks rights (So that connects to MBA as well). The whole movie has to do with the stuff our pasts and bringing us to where we are these days. They are black and going to be in the biggest fight of its time. At MBA we all are apart of black history no matter your race. We all came together and got to be how we are today. Everyone is equals no matter what we share and grow together daily. We learn about black history all the time in history class or during black history month.It all fits together perfectly and goes with the season we are in.


Neon sculpture on permanent exhibit at the Harlem Studio Museum. Why?

Final thoughts on Malcolm X- Robin

Over all Malclom X was a sad, interesting and informing movie to watch. It's good to watch movies like this nowadays because it helps us learn our history. Even though it was sad what his family had to go through just because he wanted to help African Americans become more equal (can one be more equal?). They had to under go threats and fire and the death of Malcolm. It is so sad how his daughters were in front row when they assassinated Malcolm for just doing what's right. I would definitely recommend this movie to many others, as well as suggest it stay as a movie played in class for next year.

-Robin Nap

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This film is definitely a good fit in our programming because it's one of the biggest fights in history. Ali is one of the greatest boxers! You get the perspective of Mahammed Ali and his opponent. Ali likes to talk junk about Don King mostly because I think he's scared of losing and is creating a mindset that is he keeps saying he will win then that's what will happen. He comes off as very positive and confident for this fight. Meanehile Don King is nice and doesn't really say much.

Del Mastrobattisto - 3/21 Blog Post

This boy's actions can relate to our coursework because we are studying people like Malcolm X who stood up for what they believed in.  We may not know the boy's motive for sneaking in the World Trade Center, but I believe that what he did was symbolic and meaningful in some way.  I also noticed the similarity between the boy and Phillipe Petit in Man on Wire.  Both had an extreme will to get on top of the World Trade Center, except Petit wanted to walk on a tightrope across the tower and the boy just wanted to take pictures.  Both of them had a challenge ahead of them which included avoiding security and a complex plan.

Notes: Teenager & Tightrope Walker

This relates to our coursework because we watched a film about a man who tightropes between the twin towers witch was also illegal. My opinion is they both just wanted to be in history and make people notice them. Also, it is all involved in a dream situation because they wanted to fulfill it. My other opinion is that they are crazy but also bold and Courage's for doing what they wanted to do and not caring about what would happen. 

Teen taking pictures on World Trade Center

The article says that a 16 year old kid got through security and took pictures at the spire of the World Trade Center. He would walk around the construction site and figure out how to access the freedom tower rooftop. A way he is similar to Philippe in Man on Wire because they both snuck in to the World Trade Center to achieve a dream. This boy wanted to take pictures on too of it while Philippe wanted to walk on wire on the World Trade Center. No matter how risky it was it was something they loved and wanted to reach even if it was risky. 

Del, Charlie, Isai / The Departed

For our film request, we would like to watch The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese.  We believe we should watch this because it's very influential and gives a strong example of what it's like to be a snitch, and overall corruption in the police force.  The film takes place in Boston centered around Colin Sullivan who was trained as a kid to be a mole for Frank Costello (an Irish mobster).  Sullivan is the Boston police Sergeant centered in gang violence.  Meanwhile, the police hires a new recruit named Billy to go undercover and infiltrate Costello's gang.  Throughout the movie, Billy and Colin are working to find each other.  The police learn that there is a mole in the force and don't know that it's actually Colin.  Meanwhile, Colin and Costello's gang are working to find the undercover cop in their gang.  It's a game of cat and mouse up until the point where it all crashes down.  This film is for mature audiences only due to the graphic violence and cursing.  It may be somewhat disturbing, but I think it's important for people to learn this story and see it actually unfold.  This film also won Best Picture and Best Director in 2006.

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Robin- Malcolm X

The said: That Malcolm set his own house on fire for publicity. 

I say: He's not an idiot he wouldnt risk his family. Malcolm is a family man why would he risk killing both his wife and kids? He would not do that he wanted them safe not dead. It was not a publicity stunt.

They say: The Nation of Islam’s leaders resent and fear Malcolm despite his allegiance to their cause, and they suspend him from the organization.

I say: He was one of you why would you just suspend him? He is trying to change and be apart of something bigger something new and different...yet due to fear you deny him. 

They said: Malcolm X was an "extremist."

I say: No, he is not he tryed leading a peaceful life. He was just fighting for what he belived in, and was trying to get rights for all the Africans in America. He did not go around blowing stuff up, and starting roits for what he wanted to accomplish. Insted he tryed just talking and staying hidden and non violant even when his house was set on fire.

They said: "Brothers and sisters, I am here to tell you that I charge the white man. I charge the white man with being the greatest murderer on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest kidnapper on earth. There is no place in this world that this man can go and say he created peace and harmony. Everywhere he's gone he's created havoc. Everywhere he's gone he's created destruction. So I charge him. I charge him with being the greatest kidnapper on this earth! I charge him with being the greatest murderer on this earth!" - Malcolm X 

I say: Yes, on some points he is accurate on what he says. However, wanting peace so much he should not be so judging towards whites. If you want peace you must not start saying those things even if back then it might be true on how they were being treated. They should just drop it and work together as one.

-Robin Nap

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malcolm X

Thoughts about Malcolm X:

Malcolm X was convicted of 14 counts of burglary. He was sentenced 8-10 years. Malcolm would have had a lighter punishment being  his first offense; however, he was with a white woman so his sentence was harsh.

During  Malcolm's sentence, he started to study the Islamic faith and black power movement. Malcolm supported black and whites being separate but equal; he didn't want whites and blacks together.

Malcolm X was assassinated 1965 . He spoke at an Afro-American unity organization. He was assassinated by a rival black Muslims in Washington Heights.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Timesha , Alexis , Monae , Daziah , Biscuit - Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a very inspirational film that taught us about his story, and it also taught his family's history. Malcolm's grandmother was raped; his mother wasn't proud of it so she made it her business to have kids of color. His father was a Baptist minister who was murdered. The insurance company claimed it as suicide, so that they wouldn't have to pay the family any money. This put his family in an awful position; it led to them separating Malcolm and his younger siblings.

Malcolm was put down by other people like he was he smartest child and they knew it but they told he didn't have a chance because of his color. When I first saw his mother, I asked a classmate if she was white and then the movie explained it all. It's sad that many black females were raped and taken advantage of. 

I learned the word conk and assume that it was basically the same thing as a perm because its a chemical straightening process they just probably didn't understand all the perks or whatever about a perm or even know what chemicals to mix to make it perfect. The word conk popped up over and over about that when Malcolm went to jail and got involved with the Muslims he understood what he was doing to himself and that he was wrong for trying to look like "them". He didn't even realize how much his life was being controlled even though he claimed to be so free . While he was in jail he gained more self confidence his view about himself changed by the day. While in class we learned that a reoccurring idea, image or other that has a particular emotional impact is called a motif and I think I have already found one in the movie , the part when his father was killed keeps popping up and throughout the whole thing so far there has been plenty of flashbacks. I also learned so much background about Malcolm X that I never knew. Social services played a huge part in his life and changed him as a person , took him away from his family and really tore them apart. I couldn't help but to feel bad for his mother so far this movie has been truly touching . Malcolm wanted to be a lawyer and the teacher immediately crushed his dreams, i couldn't live in a time like that . he was told he was a "nigger" so he couldn't be what he wanted to even though his grades were the best he was the best student and voted president.. he still wasn't enough . I can't imagine how that would've felt. As the movie goes on you can see how Malcolm changes and transforms into the person that he is known to be. This movie shows that sometimes people have to go through things to realize who they are meant to be in life and what their actual purpose is. This just proves that every person on earth no matter the color age race ethnicity or whatever , has a purpose and we were all put here for something great to be accomplished. It can even seem like nothing to you and mean the world to someone else. This movie was a real reminder about history and all that people of color have been through. I never knew what Malcolm had to go through personally as he went through the many transitions that he did. His family was put through a lot of stress and I can't understand as a female how his wife Betty could even put up with everything, she truly put meaning behind the words love and loyalty. What was really touching for this group was the way that he died and the fact that it was all a set up from people close to him and that his children had to see him go right in front of their faces. What was so real about Malcolm was that he knew he was about to die , he knew what was coming but what we took away from the movie was that he also knew that his family would be better off with him gone. Malcolm was real because he had been through it all did it all and used his life struggles trials and lessons to leave his mark and change lives forever. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ryan Malcolm X

1. I think that Denzel Washington, who portrays Malcolm X, is absolutely SHOCKING. He truly brings Malcolm X to life in a way that honestly makes you believe he is truly who he is portraying. The movie includes numerous childhood flashbacks, and the point where he changes from a life of a crime to a human rights activist makes you understand how and why Malcolm X is the way he is.

2. As the opening credit roll we hear Malcolm X  (Denzel Washington) delivering a speech about the oppression of the black race by whites; he openly and loudly accuses whites of murder, rape and slavery. Inter-cut with the credits is footage of the 1991 beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers and an American flag burning into an "X".

I say director Spike Lee did this to show that even though slavery in America was over in 1865, there are still signs of racism and the American Dream is not what it seems to be for some people, especially African Americans.

It's the American burning into a X. This picture is significant because it is showing the opposite theme of The American Dream which is a Nightmare.

3. In the film it shows flashback sequences of Malcolm X when he was growing up. One flashback that sticks out to me is when Malcolm family's houseis burned down by the Ku Klux Klan, and another is when Malcolm father is murdered (Malcolm was five or six years old at the time), thrown in front a train after suffering a skull injury.

I believe director Spike Lee put the flashback sequences in his film to show viewers what kind of life Malcolm X lived before becoming a human rights activist.

Cooperative Blog Post on Director Spike Lee's Malcolm X

1. What they say: a black man should not touch anything that belongs to a white man.  Example:  liquor,  pork, women

What we say: its understandable that blacks have too much pride to need anything from a white man or want to be like a white man, but at the same time, it shouldnt be that way. Who you love or what you eat and drink shouldnt be determined off of color. Theres no telling that only white men hunt pork or only white men make liquor so its not theirs

2. What they say: the theory of what jesus looks like.  Blonde hair and blue eyes. Malcolm questions that based off what he read in the bible; he states that the disciples skin tone was dark and that jesus had wool hair and brass feet.  In church we see pictures of jesus what light smooth hair. 

What we say: when we think about what jesus looks like most assume (kids) that he is white because of what was shown to us: movies, pictures, cartoons, etc. All characters from the bible were created white. No one hispanic looking or black. This makes us think that this happens because white people create that stuff on social media [interesting idea; good points]. For example, the new movie son of god, just watching the preview all i seen was white actors.  Until we watched this movie we never really thought about if the images that we see are true

3. Muslim men marry women thats half their age + 7

What we say:  that's crazy, in some cases that can be statutory  rape; people should marry who they want.  It's an insult to unmarried older women. Any women can be fruitful, not just the young ones.

Morgan, Aja, Troy, and Restinel/ Team Daddy-o on X

Spike portrays X's views on white people as evil and all of them aren't good. Saw that white people only cared about other white people so black people should only care about black people. That ALL white people are evil. Basically giving white people the finger. X develops radical views because he feels like he lives under the white man rules. This was all taught to him by Baine when X was in jail.
This scene was a significant part of the film because this is when X stars becoming a true member of the Nation of Islam. Sharing all the same core, radical beliefs like, "white people are the devil." This is the moment X fully embraces his African culture/heritage.
X becomes a slave top the Nation of Islam, or Mr. Mohammed. He starts following all the words of Mr. Mohammed and gains so much respect and gets so involved in the Nation of Islam he would actually die for the cult "religion". Mr. Mohammed becomes X's God, the God of the Nation of Islam.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cooperative Malcolm X

Facilitator: NyJee   Recorder: Caryn  Reporter: Shawntell  Help: Ryan

They say...
In the beginning of the movie we saw how Malcolm was a very strong willed person and even though he stopped a life of crime he remained a strong person.

We say:
We think that Spike Lee probably showed ( Malcolm X's) true nature of a black man at the time. He showed that when he was put in solitary confinement. Because he did not want to state his inmate number. No man should be known as a number he was given a name and it should be used. Even though he was in jail Malcolm did not let that change his beliefs give him his respect and call him by his name.With Malcolm's mentality of nothing to lose and as an animal going into prison he refused to be reduced to a number.

They say:
When Malcolm X was in prison he became a Muslim.Which is the quote unquote religion for black people.

We say:
We think in that era when Malcolm X was alive a lot of people were converting to being Muslim. People were made out to believe that they were African American. But Malcolm made it clear that they are not in fact there are not even American we were born and are in fact African we were just brought over to America." We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us." - Malcolm X
Believe it or not Malcolm X was all for segregation, he believed blacks should be completely separated from whites.Or was that what he was thought to believe from Elijah Muhammad.

Malcolm had an awful demise due to him being open and trying to be something more than a following Muslim. Malcolm wanted to be a new kind of Muslim that's why he took them trips to Saudia Arabia and Egypt. To be with his Muslim brothers of all skin colors to be spiritual and pray to Allah.

"If you don't stand for anything you will fall for anything."- Malcolm X


teaira on malcolm x

My thoughts about this movie [Spike Lee's 1992 biopic Malcolm X] is that I did not really like; it did NOT GRAB any of my attention. & I dont want to say it was boring, but it was, just saying [how or why is it boring?]. Well to sum this blog up, this movie wasnt really good because I dont really think that was the real story on how stuff went down  [why not?].

Cooperative Blog post By: Gloria, Cierra, Joan, and Natasha...Sammy

                In one of the Scenes in the movie Malcolm X talks to his, soon to be, wife about how the ideal Muslim wife and or woman should portray herself. Stating that ... she must be half a mans age plus seven, she must know how to cook, clean,  love children and also accept that the man has the "power". He continues this thought of over empowerment by saying that woman should be seen not heard and that no Muslim women should  have respect for themselves because they expose their body's. He was basically trying to create this thought that women are un-useful out of the house. 

                 We believe Malcolm X, tries to influence a false message into Muslim women. That their ideas, wants, and beliefs are unimportant to the world. A man himself says women should be seen not heard and are also wrong if they have different ideas on how women should be shown as. We disagree with this message he is trying to send. We think all women and men are equal even if they are a certain type. African Americans should have equal rights then just white people. We believe there should be no power over anyone who is a human being regardless of race and religion. 

White Women and Bacon

In Malcolm X there was a scene when Mookie said to Malcolm that he could never be a Muslim because he loves white women and bacon. We agree with with Mookie that we would never be able to give up white women and bacon. Another black character said he wishes he could be a muslim just so he can talk back to the police when they call him a nigger. we agree because we don't appreciate the term nigger, unless we are the ones using the term. There was also a scene in which Malcolm argued with a priest about what color Jesus was. We agree with Malcolm in his comment where he described Jesus as black. He described Jesus with hair like wool which is something most blacks have where as white hair is not nappy.

Del, Joe, and Isai Blog Post

In the film Malcolm X, director Spike Lee uses scenes to effectively communicate an idea.  He can show his idea with either sounds or images onscreen.  For example, in the opening scene he incorporates the Rodney King beating which represents how we still have a long way to go for racial equality, even after the Civil Rights Era of the 1950s-1960s.

When Malcolm is playing Russian Roulette with someone along with doing drugs, I think Spike Lee is trying to say that this is rock bottom for Malcolm, and now he needs to turn his life around.  He communicates this idea very well because Malcolm is intimidating everyone in the room.

In the scene where Malcolm is communicating with the Muslim in prison, he sees things in a different light after reading the dictionary and paying attention to definitions he had never before thought of.  Lee is saying that Malcolm is becoming more intelligent and open minded.  A scene that goes along with this one is when Malcolm tries to kneel down and pray for the first time.  The viewer is now aware that he is relieved of his past, and feels like a new man. It is almost shown as a Rebirth of Malcolm through the new Islam religion

In the Film Malcolm is shown reciting from the Bible the theory of what Jesus looks like.  Blonde hair and blue eyes. Malcolm questions this based off what history states about the religion in the middle east and the people who lived there at the time of the bible, stating that the disciples skin tone was dark and that Jesus had wool hair and bras feet.In church we see pictures of Jesus what light smooth hair. Spike Lee incorporates this into the film as an example of the oppression through knowledge and of the racial discrimination in the Bible by believing that Jesus and in turn god couldn't be anything but White.