Monday, February 24, 2014

There will be blood-Robin

   There will be blood... well the title alone made me belive it would be about a murder and horror film, with lots of blood and gore. However apon watching I found it had nothing to do with what I thought. It was about drilling oil and a man named Daniel adopted a boy HW whos father died, in order to use HW as a sale point in bussiness. Daniel is the protagonist of this epic award winning movie. while Eli pretty much takes up the job of the antiagonist.

   It starts out with Daniel and HW advertising as a family drilling oil company to drill up bussiness. Everything  is looking great for these two, money, oil and power. But when they get a tip on big oil by one of the Sunday boys, HW and Daniel travel to the Sunday Ranch. At first they lie about why they are there, but once they stumbble onto oil... Daniel convinces most of the town to sell out to him so that he may drill for the oil and make everyone rich. 

   Through out this movie Daniel and Eli consantly are bumping heads, disagreeing, barginging and more. Eli says he is a prophate of god and pretty much rules the towns people and their beliefs. Daniel is now making more money than ever but then HW suffers an acciedent. The oil drill explodes and HW being too close loses his hearing. At the same time a man shows up claiming to be Daniels brother and HW gets shifted to the side and sent away to school. Daniel ends up killing the man who claims to be his brother cause he finds out his real brother died. 

   Daniel later on brings back HW and gets him a deaf teacher. They contuine on making money and drilling oil till HW gets married to Eli's little sister. HW then wants to go out and start a drilling company but Daniel gets angry and then reveals the truth to HW about his past and they argue through a deaf interupter HW has. At the very end Eli vists Daniel trying to get him to help the church but Eli ends up dying at Daniels hand.

  No matter how you look at it this movie I would reccomend to anyone. It is worth watching and would grab any viewers attention. Every miniute will keep you guessing/woundering. Great overall movie that deffinatly desered the 2007 Oscar.
-Robin Napierkowski


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