Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exit Ticket: X Day Two

Something I learned was that Malcolm X was in jail for ten years. I honestly had no clue that such  thing happened. I guess that's kind of bad, but now I know! He was in jail from 1946-56 . He thought his real reason for punishment was for messing with white women (good). He and Shorty were both punished severely. He got put in solitary for the first time because he forgot his number (did he forget his number or did he refuse to be reduced to a number?) then got stuck in solitary for another 10 days , until he stated his number A-228 (nice use of specific detail). It came as even more of a shock to me because that isn't even a real number! That was something that showed me how real everything was back then! Something I also learned this and last class is about who Malcolm was messing with that brought trouble and then there was a bit of foreshadowing . Malcolm all of a sudden was such a bad boy and got his first sniff, got his first gun, he was all set . I just didn't believe that the was going to get into AS MUCH trouble as he got into to. This movie is very informative and keeps your attention!

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