Wednesday, February 12, 2014

exit ticket Malcolm X

something I learned today was that Malcolm x 's mother was raped by a white man. When I first saw her I asked a classmate if she was white and then the movie explained it all. Its sad that many black females were raped and taken advantage of just for that. I learned the word conk and assume that it was basically the same thing as a perm because its a chemical straightening process they just probably didn't understand all the perks or whatever about a perm or even know what chemicals to mix to make it perfect. I also learned what a motif was before todays class i had no clue that such a word existed. Now I know that a reoccurring idea, image or other that has a particular emotional impact is called a motif and I think I have already found one in the movie , the part when his father was killed keeps popping up and throughout the whole thing so far there has been plenty of flashbacks. I also learned so much background about Malcolm X that I never knew. Social services played a huge part in his life and changed him as a person , took him away from his family and really tore them apart. I couldn't help but to feel bad for his mother so far this movie has been truly touching . Malcolm wanted to be a lawyer and the teacher immediately crushed his dreams, i couldn't live in a time like that . he was told he was a "nigger" so he couldn't be what he wanted to even though his grades were the best he was the best student and voted president.. he still wasn't enough . I can't imagine how that would've felt.

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