Monday, February 3, 2014

Bandlands Blog Midterm

Badlands 1973 dir. Terrence Malick
Starring Martin Sheen as Kit
sissy Spacek as holly Warren
In my opinion these were the perfect actors for these roles because they made it clear that this movie was meant to be a continuation of our theme celebrity and criminality. That made it clear that this movie was like a Knockoff bonnie and Clyde so to speak . Holly was nothing like Bonnie really but both Kit and Clyde persuaded a woman to join them for the criminality causing them to become celebrities. They were star crossed lovers
The story line was very clear and in the end I guess the difference between fantasy and reality was really shown. Holly knew that wasn't the life for her to begin with.
psychological health and maturity were problems .(psyc. health was more like kit .. played a role in his actions and holly was very young that is where the maturity played part and that's exactly why her father tried to keep her locked up)
this was inspired by the real life story of starkweather and fugate ... I remember that !

Holly was easily influenced, more passive, more of a bystander , follower.
KIt did do all of the work they avoided civilization and were staying in woods and fields
Holly didn't even respond truly to her father getting killed , all she did was slap kit
music did play a good part in this movie because when they set the house on fire there was like dramatic opera and then later on then comes Nat King Coles lyrics that shows they are assumed to love each other
but as I said before reality kicks in in the end and kit gets solitary and holly gets probation and messes with the son of the lawyer who defended her

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