Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Intro to Film Limerick Challenge

There once was a man named Bates
All the pretty girls, his mother, she really hates,
And so, he put her in the cellar,
Boy, what a peculiar feller,
At his motel you will always find cut _________.

There once was a man called Hank,
Obese, sweaty, most likely quite rank,
He walked with a cane,
Regarded Mexicans with disdain,
For his downfall we have Vargas to _________.

There once was a man from DR,
Dreamed throwing strikeouts would buy him a car,
With a spiked curve was a jock,
Later strayed from the flock,
Discovered there is more to happiness than being a _______.

Try your hand at one (or more) and add to the comment section.

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