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My Analytical Approach to Bonnie and Clyde the Movie
Bonnie and Clyde   Arthur Penn dir.

Starring : 
  • Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow
  • Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker
  • Gene Hackman as Buck Barrow
  • Estelle parsons 
this movie took place during the great depression (1930's)

movie background - Clyde was never a "lover boy" .... he says "no lover boy, never saw the percentage in it "
Bonnie was more of a dreamer , they both just wanted to be known and famous; no matter what way that it happened ... they were in love with each other and robbed banks together.
Both Clyde and Buck were crazy, had been to jail and were rebels, but Clyde cared about people. His intention was never to hurt anyone. He just wanted the money he even let an innocent keep his money because it belonged to him and not the bank.

You could tell that Buck's wife Blanche was more of a church girl because she didn't like all of this robbing like everyone else did. She felt bad about it and mentioned that in the car alone with CW Moss... they got CW from the gas station, and he was in it because he felt like Bonnie and Clyde were his personal heroes. He wanted to get known just as much as they did . Bonnie and Blanche did not get along well and had a few situations; Blanche ended up being the group snitch after Buck died, and she was shot in the eye and could no longer see. This is also how media affected Bonnie and Clyde's actions; they wanted everyone to see and they wanted to get known for what they were doing. When they died they wanted their names to be carried on and for someone to know what they were about. They are and were famous.The media kept their adrenaline pumping , even when they caught a cop they handcuffed him and there was a whole situation. They did it for the media. They looked forward to being in the papers etc. They took pictures with the cop and Bonnie even kissed the cop , then the cop went back and talked about the situation. They all loved being the Barrow gang .. maybe except for Blanche.. !!

Bonnie and Clyde Charles comstock

Bonnie and Clyde were highly effected by publicity and the media because of the media everyone knew about them and how they robbed stores and banks and all of the above this documentary was very good and was one of the best we've seen very popular movie that I've never seen before so I definitely have this at the top of my list

Analytical Approaches of Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are portrayed as heroes in the film because they don't like to kill people. They are just criminals to me, they rob banks. Some critics might have a problem with the casting because it's not being more realistic and you're "expecting an attractive couple." The media affects Bonnie and Clyde's actions  because they write about them in the papers and they get popular and like the publicity so they keep robbing banks and playing with the police by going the opposite way the police think they're at and getting away.

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde portrayed were  portrayed as heroes in the film because they were robbing from the banks not from the people  , The real Bonnie and Clyde were not as physically attractive as warren beayty and faye Dunaway  explained why some critics have an issue with this casting . 

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde:
Directed by Arthur Penn in 1967
Starring Warren Beatty as Clyde & Faye Dunaway as Bonnie.

Bonnie and Clyde is a story that takes place during the Great Depression, and it's about a young couple who are in love and decide to rob stores and banks.  As the film progresses, Bonnie and Clyde form the "Barrow Gang" which also involves C.W., a mechanic, Clyde's brother Buck and his wife Blanche.  They were portrayed as heroes in the film because they were normal people who fought for a cause of the people.  They robbed banks because the banks were stealing peoples' homes and other properties.  I can prove this because while Clyde is gathering the money, he sees a farmer man and asks him if the money on the table is his.  The man says yes and Clyde lets him keep the money.  This leads to the quote, "I'd bring a load of flowers to their funerals".  I think the theme of this film was rebellion and fighting the system.  Bonnie and Clyde acted upon a cause that was created by the average person.

Describe how the media affects Bonnie and Clyde's actions

The media was really stupid about following them because they printed every place they thought they were . So Bonnie & Clyde wouldn't go to that place . If they are on the run don't you think they would check the papers so they know where the law is . So they can continue running back them reports weren't that smart .

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Intro to Film Limerick Challenge

There once was a man named Bates
All the pretty girls, his mother, she really hates,
And so, he put her in the cellar,
Boy, what a peculiar feller,
At his motel you will always find cut _________.

There once was a man called Hank,
Obese, sweaty, most likely quite rank,
He walked with a cane,
Regarded Mexicans with disdain,
For his downfall we have Vargas to _________.

There once was a man from DR,
Dreamed throwing strikeouts would buy him a car,
With a spiked curve was a jock,
Later strayed from the flock,
Discovered there is more to happiness than being a _______.

Try your hand at one (or more) and add to the comment section.

Ryan Chicago

I love the movie Chicago; I think it is a really good and interesting movie. I don't usually like musicals, but I think it is the best musical movie I have seen. In the movie Roxie killed Fred Casely just for fame. The reason this movie caught my attention is in every event there was a song that matches the scene of the movie.
I think the main theme of this story is fame.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Chicago" - Rebecca

I personally love this movie! Its one of my favorites so watching this movie in class made me really happy but because I have watched it so many times I knew what too expect, so watching this movie with the class gave me a new perspective on it because I got to see the classes reaction to events especially when  Roxie killed Fred Casely (I was waiting in anticipation because the movie really picks up from this point) but when this event a cured the class seemed to have such a reaction I loved it.

I think the line that sums up the whole film is Roxie's line when she performs her musical number titled "Roxie"

"Mmmmmmmm, I'm a star! And the audience loves me.
And I love them. And they love me for loving them, And I love them for loving me. And
We love each other. That's because none of us
Got enough love in our childhoods.
And that's showbiz...

This line sums up the movie because its all about starting or getting back on the stage getting that desired attention that these woman yearned for their entire lives. As the finale, they go through this metamorphosis where they achieve their goals and become stars!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Charles comstock Chicago

My opinion of this movie is that it is actually very good. I liked it a lot, and it made sense for the most part. It also had pretty good actors, such as the lawyer (Richard Gere) and Queen Latifah. This movies worst parts were the plays all the time, every five minutes there was a play [musical number], and it honestly brought the movie down. (from being so good and excelling in the movie business but) I liked it a lot, overall good movie.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Class observations of chicago

Mama & velma ... I noticed that first because mama treated velma different than other inmates and she had to be special because roxie admired her from the start .. something was fishyy

Billy flinn - never lost a case
"Silver tongued prince of the court room"
... soon as he was talked about I thought he would be one of those dirty lawyers and he kind of is because he'd rather run off of publicity and what inmate would say no to that if they have always wanted to be a star ... personally I wouldn't have trusted him at first

"You're at the top of my list" billy
Velma - "don't u want to hear the rest " .... this scene was showing how roxie is taking the spotlight all the fame and Velma is just being replaced and people no longer want to hear about her , they're loosing interest .

"You wanted my advice didn't you? " velma .... this part was funy because she thought she was slick trying to ruin roxie but she failed and it back fired. , blew up right in her face ...

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i can say that the movie psycho was one of the best movies that we saw all year so far . This was a good movie but you could tell it was older by certain scenes , they seemed very fake compared to the way movies are made this day and age. 1960 was before my mother was even born. But this movie left you feeling something totally different , this was definitely a true mystery. At first i thought that the mother was still alive and i also thought that , they faked the mothers death , that is the part where i got confused and biscuit was the only one that predicted that it was him , i also like how the whole class was into the movie and we were actually able to get through a good movie together. i wish i could go back in time to see it first come out and watch it in the theaters i also like how it was in black and white , you didn't really need color at all to understand what was going on. This was an eye catcher and i would give it 5 stars 

Psyc[h]o 1960

This film I thought was going to be a boring plain black and white film. I thought it would put me to sleep. After watching it, little by little, it was grabbing my attention.This is a movie I would recommend to anyone to watch. It has a lot of mystorie and suspense [mystery] . It was about a murder that had happened at the Bates Motel. She was killed after taking off with money, sending everyone on a search for her and the missing money.

By: Robin Nap

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Can't wait to watch "Chicago"!

Chicago is my favorite movie! can't wait to see it with a new perspective/ thought provoking questions Mr. Monahan if you are reading this "Chicago" is in my bag.
- Rebecca R.


I would recommend "Psycho" to anybody I knew horror fan or not. This movie has been considered by many as the beginning of the slasher film genre Much has been said about Psycho over the years, but nothing in the film has garnered more attention than the infamous shower scene, where Marion Crane( a secretary who has just embezzle $40,000 from her employer and is on the run) is killed a third of the way through,a scene that has been used as an allusion in many new shows and movies. We then follow the movie up to the point where we discover the true identity of the killer presumed to have been "mother as well as Normans role in Marion's death but to me what really makes "Psycho" immortal, when so many films are already half-forgotten as we leave the theater, is that it connects directly with our fears: Our fears that we might impulsively commit a crime, our fears of the police, our fears of becoming the victim of a madman, and of course our fears of disappointing our mothers.

Monday, November 4, 2013


SPOILER ALERT! I would recommend this film to anybody! Anybody who likes a good mystery. It was so simple and straight to the point but it suprises you at the end. It keeps you wondering because Norman and his mom's mystery leaves you clueless on who is killing all these ppl. Then when you hear the history of his mom's mans death you assume the woman is still alive and is still killing people like she did her boyfriend. No one would have ever thought that Norman had split personalities because he seemed so calm and shy. I dnt get how no one ever noticed there was something wrong with him but at the same time back in that time the medical wasnt as good and advanced as it is now. So as a kid doctors didnt notice Norman's wierd characteristics. Because as the lawyer said, "He was never fully himself. It just took this amount of time for his mother side to take over his body." Now i get why the title "Psycho" font is split in half. Because its a symbol for the crazy mans split personalities YES, Zulaika. I am digging your parting shot/analysis of Paul Bass's graphic design!.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

extra credit / honors .. notes

compare / contrast in an analysis essay two or more movies ... touch of evil & psycho

notes :

touch of evil :
  • 1958
  • crooked cops
  • Janet was married and innocent
  • her husband was a good cop
both :
  • starring Janet Leigh
  • black and white
  • somebody crazy
  • criminal activity
  • questionable characters
  • both movies clearly connect to their title inn my opinion
psycho :
  • 1960
  • in this movie Janet plays the bad guy at first , her character wasn't as innocent as she was in the movie "Touch of Evil"
  • the protagonist changes
  • Marian has a secret affair with Sam but in this scene there's irony because she's wearing a white bra which symbolizes purity or innocence because of the color


Psycho was a eye catching movie for me . Making me actually pay attention the whole ride through. With the Crime and Mystery it made you stay on your toes and wonder what the heck was coming next. The whole big wow of the son being the killer was something i expected but didn't think the movie was possible to serve . What i mean is that i doubted the movie because of the time that it was created , I didn't think that had much of a creative mind like that . It really shocked me . I applaud him for that. This movie reminds me of a Criminal minds case . They parallel so closely due to both having crimininals with screwy mindsets always aiming to kill. This movie was really one to keep the viewers going . everything was a go . Two Thumps UP ! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Psycho 1960

So far psycho seems like a thrilling mystery to be such an old movie. Obviously the graphics and killings seem very fake but back then I suppose it was the exact opposite. But the mystery about Norman Bates mother is interesting. Hitchcock made a good story line because so far I have no idea what may have happened with Ms. Bates and why someone else may be buried under her name. To be a black and white 1960s film it keeps you guessing.

Man on Wire review

Man on wire was a very unique documentary. I've never seen anyone that passionate about something as unusual as tightrope walking.  Phillippe Petit took risks that the average person wouldn't take. He had gotten arrested numerous times and didn't care about being arrested again however he was careful not to be caught. Despite the authority threat there was the risk that he could die doing such a dangerous act especially one as dangerous as walking between the twin towers. Hiding from security for hours and days trying not to get caught seems far fetched just to tightrope. But it was special to him and he did it.

Sugar review

I liked the movie Sugar. I feel as though it gave people an interesting side of baseball to view that was never seen before. The main character Miguel was just as interesting as the movie was. He was talented but at the same time insecure about his abilities. He struggled with knowing his place on the team. Once he got injured it made his insecurities worse which in the end made him run off to start a new life without knowing what would've happened with his team. Question is was running off better for him or worse? We will never know.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Psycho CVL

In the ending of psycho Sam and Marian's sister stop at the motel to try and find Marian's room and then Sam tells her he saw Norman's mom last time he came. Marian's sister goes to the house to look for Norman's mom because she wants to talk to her, she's curious. But to a sudden surprise she finds his mother's skeleton and is terrified! She screams and Norman comes out with a knife dressed as his mother to tries and kill her. But Sam stops him/her and they.. are in the police station in the next scene. The police then solves everyone's curiosity by saying Norman Bates had 2 personalities and is no longer Norman, his mom took over him. This was a really good movie that left you guessing. It has a plot twist at the end.


This 1960 movie Psycho by  Alfred Hitchcock , starring Janet Leigh as Marian Crane . Was very suspenseful he really owned up to his name the "Master of suspense" . He was very unpredictable you can always tell that Norman was a little off but you can never tell about what . In the beginning you can see Marian in white undergarments which symbolizes purity then she steals money and her undergarments change into black which symbolizes she is no longer pure . This movie is a must see :) 


This movie is real good . This film was about a man named norman who owns a motel and his house is up the hill. Hos first victim was name marian she stole 40,000 and ran away from her family and friends and stayed at norman motel for one night. During the mivie we belived that norman mother killed marian while she was in the the shower and norman covered up her tracks. His next victim was a private investigator mirian boss sent him to look for the 40,000. miriansister and lover was also talking to the private investigator to keep tabs on what he finds when he arrives to the motel. The private investigator arrives to motel and talks to norman. When he see's a body in the window norman tell him its his mother and he calls marian sister and tells her that he is going to speak to her mother and says he is coming back right after. When he enters the house and look for norman mother and she stabbed him to death. The next attempted victim was mirian sister and lover they looked around therooms and   decided that the lover would keep norman distracted while the sister entered the house. Norman caught on and attacked the the lover and ran inside the house. Mirian found the mother in the basement and notice she was a corspe and in came norman dressed as his mother and attacked her but the lover came in and saved her. The whole time when we thought is was the mother killing everyone is was norman. Norman has two diffrent personality one is his mother and one is his self. So when he was killing every one he was believing it was his mother. 

Touch of Evil review

I thought touch of evil directed by Orson Welles was a very unique and influential film.  I was immediately hooked to it once the bomb blew up in the beginning of the movie.  I also thought the setting was very interesting.  The border of mexico and America is a very controversial area, especially back in the 1950s.  I saw tension right away between Susie Vargas and the Mexican gang.  I also saw that Grande was a man who had only bad intentions and he was a threat to the Mexican police, and Mr. Vargas.  I also began to question Orson Welles' character once he met with Grande in the bar.  But in the last scene where Welles gets shot and killed by Vargas, I thought this was very well done for being made in 1958.  But overall, I enjoyed this film and I thought it was a good choice.

Sugar Review

I feel as though sugar was a great movie due to it's realistic plot and character development. A reason it's character development is great is because the main character Miguel is a baseball player who gets drafted to play for major league. Sooner into the story he learns that playing big league isn't really what he wants to do so he leaves and later he figures out that he doesn't want to play competitively he just wants to play for the fun of it. The way the director portrayed this was in a realistic type of manner. The realism in this movie is great because it is about a poor Dominican guy who is playing baseball just to send money to his family back home. He then gets scared of getting kicked off the team and tries performance enhancement drugs but then leaves any ways when he just doesn't want to play anymore. After some time has passed he learned that he just wants to play baseball for fun.

Super 8 Review

I think Super 8 is a great movie because of its character development and smooth transition of  genre. A reason I like this movies character development is because of Joe because he comes from being a child depressed from his mother's death to being able to let go and live on. Also I like this movie's transition of being a realistic teen drama to a sci-fi horror type of genre. I feel like the train crash is an iconic moment in the movie because it is the scene that changes the movie's direction and audience's opinion. Although I could argue that it's ending is more of a turning point for Joe's life because he learns how to live with his mother's death and knowing that he doesn't need an object to remind him of his mother.