Monday, November 25, 2013

My Analytical Approach to Bonnie and Clyde the Movie
Bonnie and Clyde   Arthur Penn dir.

Starring : 
  • Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow
  • Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker
  • Gene Hackman as Buck Barrow
  • Estelle parsons 
this movie took place during the great depression (1930's)

movie background - Clyde was never a "lover boy" .... he says "no lover boy, never saw the percentage in it "
Bonnie was more of a dreamer , they both just wanted to be known and famous; no matter what way that it happened ... they were in love with each other and robbed banks together.
Both Clyde and Buck were crazy, had been to jail and were rebels, but Clyde cared about people. His intention was never to hurt anyone. He just wanted the money he even let an innocent keep his money because it belonged to him and not the bank.

You could tell that Buck's wife Blanche was more of a church girl because she didn't like all of this robbing like everyone else did. She felt bad about it and mentioned that in the car alone with CW Moss... they got CW from the gas station, and he was in it because he felt like Bonnie and Clyde were his personal heroes. He wanted to get known just as much as they did . Bonnie and Blanche did not get along well and had a few situations; Blanche ended up being the group snitch after Buck died, and she was shot in the eye and could no longer see. This is also how media affected Bonnie and Clyde's actions; they wanted everyone to see and they wanted to get known for what they were doing. When they died they wanted their names to be carried on and for someone to know what they were about. They are and were famous.The media kept their adrenaline pumping , even when they caught a cop they handcuffed him and there was a whole situation. They did it for the media. They looked forward to being in the papers etc. They took pictures with the cop and Bonnie even kissed the cop , then the cop went back and talked about the situation. They all loved being the Barrow gang .. maybe except for Blanche.. !!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Intro to Film Limerick Challenge

There once was a man named Bates
All the pretty girls, his mother, she really hates,
And so, he put her in the cellar,
Boy, what a peculiar feller,
At his motel you will always find cut _________.

There once was a man called Hank,
Obese, sweaty, most likely quite rank,
He walked with a cane,
Regarded Mexicans with disdain,
For his downfall we have Vargas to _________.

There once was a man from DR,
Dreamed throwing strikeouts would buy him a car,
With a spiked curve was a jock,
Later strayed from the flock,
Discovered there is more to happiness than being a _______.

Try your hand at one (or more) and add to the comment section.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Chicago" - Rebecca

I personally love this movie! Its one of my favorites so watching this movie in class made me really happy but because I have watched it so many times I knew what too expect, so watching this movie with the class gave me a new perspective on it because I got to see the classes reaction to events especially when  Roxie killed Fred Casely (I was waiting in anticipation because the movie really picks up from this point) but when this event a cured the class seemed to have such a reaction I loved it.

I think the line that sums up the whole film is Roxie's line when she performs her musical number titled "Roxie"

"Mmmmmmmm, I'm a star! And the audience loves me.
And I love them. And they love me for loving them, And I love them for loving me. And
We love each other. That's because none of us
Got enough love in our childhoods.
And that's showbiz...

This line sums up the movie because its all about starting or getting back on the stage getting that desired attention that these woman yearned for their entire lives. As the finale, they go through this metamorphosis where they achieve their goals and become stars!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

extra credit / honors .. notes

compare / contrast in an analysis essay two or more movies ... touch of evil & psycho

notes :

touch of evil :
  • 1958
  • crooked cops
  • Janet was married and innocent
  • her husband was a good cop
both :
  • starring Janet Leigh
  • black and white
  • somebody crazy
  • criminal activity
  • questionable characters
  • both movies clearly connect to their title inn my opinion
psycho :
  • 1960
  • in this movie Janet plays the bad guy at first , her character wasn't as innocent as she was in the movie "Touch of Evil"
  • the protagonist changes
  • Marian has a secret affair with Sam but in this scene there's irony because she's wearing a white bra which symbolizes purity or innocence because of the color