Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Introduction to Film Credit Retrieval Project

The Introduction to Film Credit Retrieval Project consists of six student generated blog posts and an online dialogue between facilitator and student. The four films we will explore are available streaming via netflix and also avaiable on DVD through the NHFPL (New Haven Free Public Library).

The four films are as follows: Black Hawk Down (a drama based on the true story of a US military operation in Somalia) by Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott, the documentary Restrepo, and two fictional narratives by the writing/directing team of Joel and Ethan Coen True Grit and Miller's Crossing

The first four blog posts are about the individual films with a focus on the themes of identity and America. What are the filmmakers saying about identity and American values? Each post is to include the referential meaning of the film, a plot summary (in the student's own words); beware of SPOILERS, the post should demonstrate student understanding but should not interfere with viewing pleasure of a reader who has yet to see the films.

Blog posts five and six are compare and contrast analyses of pairings of the films. First, compare and contrast the two war films. Next, compare and contrast the two films by the same filmmakers. Each compare and contrast analysis is to be four to six paragraphs in length.

It is recommended that the student take notes or blog while he is viewing the individual films. I look forward to corresponding with the student viewer and discussing this cross section of American cinema.

Due dates:

Blog Post #1, July 2, 2013

Blog Post #2, July 9
                   #3, July 16
                   #4, July 23
                   #s 5 and 6, July 30