Thursday, December 12, 2013


Chicago was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I think that musicals are just a bunch of music videos put together. The songs get in the way of the movie and it gets tedious and boring. Musicals are just all in all pointless.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Badlands - Rebecca

I really liked "Badlands" especially Martin Sheen portraying the ever iconic James Dean. I liked this movie because of all the action I mean almost everywhere Kit went he killed at least one person it was great! I wish the ending was a little better I didn't like how subtle it was compared to the rest of the movie. Anyway it was still pretty good.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anderson's Homage to Ray and Dean

To see a side-by-side (top-to-bottom is more precise) comparison of a scene from Ray's classic and Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox click here.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I thought Badlands was a very good movie, and  it was just like Bonnie and Clyde, two lovers meet each other and ended up living a life as criminals. A part that was confusing in Badlands was when Kit shot Holly's father, and he was just laying on the ground with a bullet wound. Holly was just standing there looking confused not realizing what has really happened. The reason I think Holly didn't do anything was because she was too young minded to understand that her father had just died, also she must have never seen someone get shot before.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I think this movie was very similar to Bonnie & Clyde because it was like the same plot girls meet boys and fall into their criminal passages . They just decide that they are going to follow that boy and do what they say .. the only difference to me is being that holly was so young minded she hadn't really had the chance grow into an adult she was always lead by her father so once kit killed her father its like he assumed that role . Although I think she shouldn't have went off with him to begin with ... over all I think the movie was pretty good . I wish it wasn't so close to bonnie & Clyde I would like to pull away from that .


Holly lived with her father in a country area. At the age of 15 she meets this guy named kit, who she begins spending a lot of time with. When her father finds out he puts her in more music lessons so he can fill her schedule and she wouldn't have time. Kit wanted to be with her so bad he went to her house and ended up killing her father right in front of her face. Then he sets the house on fire and begins to run from the cops with the young girl. After being on the run for awhile and killing people on the way , he gives up and takes all the blame! She later married the lawyer that took care of her case. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Analytical Approach to Bonnie and Clyde the Movie
Bonnie and Clyde   Arthur Penn dir.

Starring : 
  • Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow
  • Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker
  • Gene Hackman as Buck Barrow
  • Estelle parsons 
this movie took place during the great depression (1930's)

movie background - Clyde was never a "lover boy" .... he says "no lover boy, never saw the percentage in it "
Bonnie was more of a dreamer , they both just wanted to be known and famous; no matter what way that it happened ... they were in love with each other and robbed banks together.
Both Clyde and Buck were crazy, had been to jail and were rebels, but Clyde cared about people. His intention was never to hurt anyone. He just wanted the money he even let an innocent keep his money because it belonged to him and not the bank.

You could tell that Buck's wife Blanche was more of a church girl because she didn't like all of this robbing like everyone else did. She felt bad about it and mentioned that in the car alone with CW Moss... they got CW from the gas station, and he was in it because he felt like Bonnie and Clyde were his personal heroes. He wanted to get known just as much as they did . Bonnie and Blanche did not get along well and had a few situations; Blanche ended up being the group snitch after Buck died, and she was shot in the eye and could no longer see. This is also how media affected Bonnie and Clyde's actions; they wanted everyone to see and they wanted to get known for what they were doing. When they died they wanted their names to be carried on and for someone to know what they were about. They are and were famous.The media kept their adrenaline pumping , even when they caught a cop they handcuffed him and there was a whole situation. They did it for the media. They looked forward to being in the papers etc. They took pictures with the cop and Bonnie even kissed the cop , then the cop went back and talked about the situation. They all loved being the Barrow gang .. maybe except for Blanche.. !!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Intro to Film Limerick Challenge

There once was a man named Bates
All the pretty girls, his mother, she really hates,
And so, he put her in the cellar,
Boy, what a peculiar feller,
At his motel you will always find cut _________.

There once was a man called Hank,
Obese, sweaty, most likely quite rank,
He walked with a cane,
Regarded Mexicans with disdain,
For his downfall we have Vargas to _________.

There once was a man from DR,
Dreamed throwing strikeouts would buy him a car,
With a spiked curve was a jock,
Later strayed from the flock,
Discovered there is more to happiness than being a _______.

Try your hand at one (or more) and add to the comment section.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Chicago" - Rebecca

I personally love this movie! Its one of my favorites so watching this movie in class made me really happy but because I have watched it so many times I knew what too expect, so watching this movie with the class gave me a new perspective on it because I got to see the classes reaction to events especially when  Roxie killed Fred Casely (I was waiting in anticipation because the movie really picks up from this point) but when this event a cured the class seemed to have such a reaction I loved it.

I think the line that sums up the whole film is Roxie's line when she performs her musical number titled "Roxie"

"Mmmmmmmm, I'm a star! And the audience loves me.
And I love them. And they love me for loving them, And I love them for loving me. And
We love each other. That's because none of us
Got enough love in our childhoods.
And that's showbiz...

This line sums up the movie because its all about starting or getting back on the stage getting that desired attention that these woman yearned for their entire lives. As the finale, they go through this metamorphosis where they achieve their goals and become stars!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

extra credit / honors .. notes

compare / contrast in an analysis essay two or more movies ... touch of evil & psycho

notes :

touch of evil :
  • 1958
  • crooked cops
  • Janet was married and innocent
  • her husband was a good cop
both :
  • starring Janet Leigh
  • black and white
  • somebody crazy
  • criminal activity
  • questionable characters
  • both movies clearly connect to their title inn my opinion
psycho :
  • 1960
  • in this movie Janet plays the bad guy at first , her character wasn't as innocent as she was in the movie "Touch of Evil"
  • the protagonist changes
  • Marian has a secret affair with Sam but in this scene there's irony because she's wearing a white bra which symbolizes purity or innocence because of the color

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Film Studies Goes PSYCHO!

What happens when you fail to exercise your right to vote? Decisions get made for you. Thus begins our study of Hitchcock's 1960 thinking man's slasher film Psycho.

Tomorrow, anyone interested in extra-credit (or just seeing a darn good creepy movie) should attend the film club's screening of Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining (2:15 in the Lecture Hall).

Please use this post to thread comments regarding these masterworks.

BIG IDEAS: Family, Psychological Disintegration/Personal Demons, and Effects of Isolation

Monday, October 28, 2013

super 8

This was a good movie but i liked the ending of the movie especially only because it showed the "movie" that the kids created because i was wondering what ever happened to the movie after the scene in the actual movie where he said that the movie was messed up I felt really bad because that was the little boy's passion , and he seemed to care about the movie so much . that was also one of my favorite scenes in the movie because the boys were best friends having an issue that needed to be addressed . it was really cute how he proved his loyalty and love by forgiving his friend when he realized that the girl he liked , liked his best friend . my second favorite scene was when the monster came up to the little boy who like unleashed a different kind of creature , a creature that wasn't so harmful and didn't seem like he wanted to take everyone's life . he showed his bravery , that was heartwarming because it can metaphorically stand for so much more and im not even sure that was done on purpose or even noticed...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Man on wire cvl #2

The movie has gotten way more interesting now because they keep sneaking in to the world trade centers an keep bringing supplies to help figure out how they will go across. They needed to figure out how to send the rope across over 200 feet an tested many different ways. His friends are now very cautious because a security guard walks around at night an its funny because they get so scared. They help him practice to walk better by shaking the rope for practice so just in case a wind comes he will be able to handle that an when the towers sway. They finally get ready for the walk an everyone on the ground is watching in astonishment. No one cane believe a man would risk his life to do that. All the viewers thought it was beautiful an it was different an they liked that. They went about their lives everyday an that was so plain but they seen something that would never happen again. Then he got arrested but they didn't know what to charge him with an I found that funny . He knew was just a step away from death but he conquered the towers an showed the world anything is possible and to never let anyone stop you. I enjoyed the movie but the beginning was just a little weird but once u get into it its good.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Intro to Film, October 5

If you have not done so already, post analysis and reaction to the opening scene of Orson Welles' film noir classic Touch of Evil.

Class Work:
As previously discussed, October we will take a look at noir and transition into the genres of suspense and horror.  You are to independently research and post on one or more of the following, remember visual appeal and user functionality earn bonus points (images and working relevant hyper-links).

A. Alfred Hitchcock has been dubbed the Master of Suspense. For what films is he most famous? Which of his films fit best into our course of study and why? Which of these have either been remade or rebooted? Ultimately, what Hitchcock films do we as students of film need to see?

B. Universal Monsters: who are they? Create a profile page as a blog post for one of the Universal Monsters. Include any and all relevant information one might find on his or her facebook profile.

C. Research and advocate for either a Universal horror classic or other film that fits into either the suspense or horror genres. Why should we critically view this film as a class? Remember, no torture porn please. You may want to consider: The Night of the Living Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Blog et al. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Man on a Wire" review

9/30/13- “Man on Wire” (2008) directed by James Marsh
Featuring: Philippe Petit
When this movie first started I was very confused because they was no real introduction, it was just non-diegetic sound (audio you could hear but not see) you could hear the heavy French accent of Philippe Petit with just a shot of someone fidgeting with a box. A few people amongst the class looked to me to figure out what was going on I shrugged with a look of slight confusion until I goggled (because no need to wait to see what would happen)  when I read the first line of the Wikipedia page about the movie my jaw dropped in utter shock. “Philippe Petit the man who crossed a high wire between the two twin towers!” This film was a suspense builder, when Philippe and his men were hiding on the 82nd floor of the North tower hiding from security guards who would roam the buildings at nigh to check for un-usual activity (the security guards obviously didn’t check very often).  I felt that me myself had to hold my breath in fear of blowing these high wire dare devils in, because once you watch this film unfold you want these French sirs effort to be put to go use to accomplish this undercover operation , that will eventually astound the public and Philippe’s team themselves. Well not only was the mission a success to cross the wire once between the towers he exceeded his own standers by crossing the wire eight times to tease the police officers at the top of the South  tower  trying to catch him to inevitably arrest him. Now he was a smart aleck so he ran back out into the middle and began bouncing up and down. His feet were actually leaving the wire, and then he would resettle back on the wire again....Unbelievable really” (Sgt. Charles Daniels reporting his experience). Finally, when asked why he did the stunt, Petit would say, "When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk." 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Man On Wire critical viewing log #2

In this film it shows that Philippe is serious about his tightrope walking and practices hard day after day on that rope until he knows when he's ready. See his big dream/goal is to tightrope walk across the World Trade Center and he is going to do it no matter what. So he plans out and figures out a way to get into the World Trade Center. He fakes being a journalist and pretends to take pictures of the guys working, but really he is just looking for strong poles he could tie his rope around. They also stated that the Americans that worked with Philippe were very unreliable. The reason for that is because one guy came back to one of their meetings covered in smoke and dosed out. He showed a sign of irresponsibility because he had smoked pot and was unprepared for his task. I'm sure Philippe was feeling very mad considering he takes what he does very serious.

Man on Wire CVL #1

Title: Man on Wire
Director: John
Awards and Honors: Oscar 
Mini  Lesson film Noir:
 Noir means black in french. The film is in black and white to provide suspense also using additional shadow and dramatic lighting.

This film is mostly about a high wire walker called Philippe Petit  trying to walk between the world trade center on the wire. My favorite part of the film when I hear  when he  start to talk about having a dream the main thing that inspired him to do what he dare him self todo no matter what other think, say or do to stop him. A key part I pick up when he was talking his feeling going up the elevator to heaven a connection to a film name Macbeth I saw last year  the elevator was to symbolize going down to hell at the end of the film of Macbeth. For Philippe death seem not to be an option or a thing that should concern him.  Philippe seem very determine to walk across the towers so he went to get a good observation on top the tallest towers.   


The film Sugar is about a Dominican man who have a  high interest  in baseball.The film setting seem to start in a baseball camp where many players are train the basics of baseball and  the expected performance of an athlete.Sugar passion is being a pitcher of high quality the ability to strike every player.Sugar seem to be from a poor background where many children, friends and family members seem to admire his pitching skills even though he has a long way to go on becoming a professional baseball player. A day came with good news sugar had been accepted to play baseball in U.S grounds. A new adventure has reveal to Sugar and many of his friends that were given the same opportunity as sugar. Before Sugar left to the U.S his family and friends threw him a good  luck party to celebrate his opportunity despite knowing the reality if he doesn't live up to the expectations of being a good baseball player they would easily return him back to his home country. A new world! Sugar has reached U.S soil while he view the major differences the states had to offer not to mention Sugar didn't know how to speak english so the one thing he learn what to order is "FrenchToast". Going ahead Sugar being a rookie he starts to play for a team seem to not get the knuckle ball a coach suggested a better way to throw the ball and switch to his own style on throwing the ball and striking most of the player going on the home plate. He started on a good start sending money to his family back home  mostly saying "the calm before the storm" Sugar starts to take different ways to improve costing his arm making a huge gap for a competitor a chance to take his spot what left him to leave the league make him a more like a loser then going all the way not matter the worse. In the busy streets of New York Sugar Was left to think of his mistake and find a job like any ordinary person to find out at the end many players that cross the same fate as him and play baseball like good all times.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Man On Wire critical viewing log entry

This film is a very dramatic one. Like when the woman said there was fear in the van that day when they were going to get into the buildings and put a tightrope across the top. I know this because of the way she spoke and the type of music playing in the background. In the film I also saw that this man fell in love with this girl and he would practice tightrope walking everyday. He would send her love letters, arrange dates, and give her flowers. They would even tightrope walk together! The protagonist is definitely a risk taker and a dreamer because he had a dream one day while looking at a paper at the dentist, to tightrope walk across the World Trade Center. He realized when he got to the top that it would be dangerous but it is something amazing that he loves to do and he'd rather die by doing something so amazing. He says you have to concentrate while tightrope walking and be very serious, which is one of the reasons why he loves doing it. Another scene that had a dramatic affect to it was when they were about to set up their equipment at the World Trade Center but then they hear a noise and quickly hide. It was a guard that comes in, it focuses the concentration on the guard and his staticy walkie talkie. They also focus on when he lit his cigarette and was smoking it. Those scenes all show a certain mood, tone, or emotion. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After Sugar's boss at the workshop place takes him in, Sugar walks down the street and ends up meeting his friend again. You can tell they are both really happy to see each other again. He later calls to talk to his mom and in that scene you can tell he truly misses her and you can feel the love between the two. Then he ends up cheating on his girlfriend (who's in the Dominican Republic) with a Hispanic girl he works with. Later on near the end him and his friend go to this baseball field where they meet other players like him who used to play for baseball teams. They play for fun and Sugar ends up pitching 3 strikes!

Sugar then comes to realization that he is better off how he is now because he's happy. He's no longer under the pressure to pitch strikes or all the pressure of staying on top of his game. In this picture below he's thinking, and it's during that moment when he realizes he doesn't need to be in a professional baseball team to be happy. He's happy how things are now.


I thought that this film was a very interesting one.  It started out as a sports film with the theme of practicing and then getting to the top.  Then it slowly started to switch gears to a personal drama.  It made this change in the middle of the film where he starts to pitch worse.  I feel like he's starting to get distracted by other things like his friend getting dropped from the team and then he resorts to using performance enhancing drugs.  This turns into the theme of personal dilemma and the theme of right and wrong.  When he starts to believe that he is getting worse, he leaves his team and goes to New York to try and find his friend.  While on his journey to New York, it turns into a story of him trying to figure himself out and get his priorities straight.  I enjoyed how at the end, when he just threw a strikeout in his non-professional league, he sat down and looked very upset and glum.  But later, he picked his head up and started laughing and smiling with his friends.  The movie ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger, because you have no idea what he's going to do next, but you can infer his next move in life.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Critical Viewing Log Entry

Seven examples in the movies Sugar that showed emotional impact is, the girl kissed Sugar and she felt bad about it and went inside. Second, when Sal got transferred to Sugar's baseball team Sugar got really happy he had someone he knew. Third, when Sugar couldn't pitch as good anymore his reaction to that was anger and he showed it by hitting the gallon of water with a baseball bat to take out his frustrations. Fourth, Sugar had took some pills from a guy and everything went downhill. He started getting dizzy , he couldn't pitch right, and he almost got into a fight! Fifth, when they were at the dinner table and Sugar started to feel bad and said sorry to the old people for not pitching right and almost cried. Their reaction to that was to comfort him and say it's alright. Sixth, Sugar went to New York and talks to his mom on the phone but she’s not too happy about him leaving baseball and keeps telling him to go back. That shows she cares a lot about her son when she said “Is this how I raised you, to give up?” Seventh, while Sugar was in New York he had nowhere to stay. He had a job making tables at a furniture place with this Puerto Rican guy he got along with, I guess you can say they’re friends now. Well he told him he had nowhere to stay and the guys showed generosity when he let Sugar stay at his house. So those are some scenes that really show the emotion between each other.

Capsule Review of Rocky

I would recommend the film Rocky because it teaches you to always have confidence in yourself. It starts off with Rocky not being respected by others and he develops a low self-esteem, he meets a girls along the way named Adrian who also has a low self-esteem. Now see Rocky is a boxer and soon enough he finds himself having to fight an underdog champion. But the point is, Rocky never though he could do it and achieve the American dream he'd always wanted. But his view of things changed and he goes into training to get stronger and more skilled. The point of what I’m trying to say is never give up, and always believe in your dreams. That's what this movie teaches me. Rocky kept training and working hard, and I believe anyone can reach their dream with hard work, confidence, and dedication. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Introduction to Film Credit Retrieval Project

The Introduction to Film Credit Retrieval Project consists of six student generated blog posts and an online dialogue between facilitator and student. The four films we will explore are available streaming via netflix and also avaiable on DVD through the NHFPL (New Haven Free Public Library).

The four films are as follows: Black Hawk Down (a drama based on the true story of a US military operation in Somalia) by Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott, the documentary Restrepo, and two fictional narratives by the writing/directing team of Joel and Ethan Coen True Grit and Miller's Crossing

The first four blog posts are about the individual films with a focus on the themes of identity and America. What are the filmmakers saying about identity and American values? Each post is to include the referential meaning of the film, a plot summary (in the student's own words); beware of SPOILERS, the post should demonstrate student understanding but should not interfere with viewing pleasure of a reader who has yet to see the films.

Blog posts five and six are compare and contrast analyses of pairings of the films. First, compare and contrast the two war films. Next, compare and contrast the two films by the same filmmakers. Each compare and contrast analysis is to be four to six paragraphs in length.

It is recommended that the student take notes or blog while he is viewing the individual films. I look forward to corresponding with the student viewer and discussing this cross section of American cinema.

Due dates:

Blog Post #1, July 2, 2013

Blog Post #2, July 9
                   #3, July 16
                   #4, July 23
                   #s 5 and 6, July 30