Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Pee Wee's Big Adventure was a comedy that followed Pee Wee on his adventure to get back his favorite possession: his stolen bike. Along the way he meets and even inspires people, all through not giving up on following his dream of regaining back his bike. Exemplified by Pee Wee going on a journey to find his bike, and his new found friend, Simone, leaving her boyfriend and moving to Paris, PWBA supplies the viewer with a message that if you want something bad enough, you should have the courage to take the chance and fight for you dreams, no matter what the odds may be.

Realisitc Fallacy: Chronicle

The movie "Chronicle" has several moments in which realistic fallacy is evident, on of them being when the three central characters went into a ditch in the ground where they received telekinesis though some sort of radiation from a mineral they found. Not only did they receive telekinesis, but they also survived and got out of the ditch--which was what actually can be described as a natural, underground tunnel--unscathed when the ground was unstable and did some sort of earthquake while they were still underground.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Referential Meaning

 A troubled fifteen year old--ostracized, considered strange, and laden with a heavy past--begins his first year of high school a year late after a summer of crippling thoughts and not speaking to anyone outside of his family. Writing letters to an anonymous person, he documents his life and meets his first two friends after his middle school best friend's suicide, all while learning to not just observe life, but to participate in it as well.

Welcome to Intro to Film's new blogspot

Monahan/Introduction to Film

Do Now:
Write a new post in which you provide the referential meaning (barebones plot summary) of your favorite film without including the title.

Example: An aging flight attendant gets caught up in an ATF sting operation. Rather than playing the victim, she hatches a dangerous plot in which she pits the primary target of the investigation, an illegal arms dealer, against the federal agents. Just when it looks like she may be headed for jail or worse, everything comes together and she comes out the richer (the dealer is killed and she makes off with his "retirement fund").

Next, review the referential meanings of your classmates' favorites and post a comment in which you weigh in on the film. For bonus points you may include the implicit meaning- a more abstract approach that often boarders on cliche.

Example: It is often said that "every cloud has a sliver lining," nowhere is this more true than in QT's sophomore effort in which optmism in the face of adversity rules the day. In other words, keep cool under pressure and you will come out on top.

Class Work:
Next, review the term realistic fallacy which we discussed during our study of JJ Abrams' creature feature sendup Super 8. Realistic fallacy is when the plotline dictates that both filmmakers and audience suspend their disbelief in order for the story to move forward.

Example: Realistic fallacy is most prominent in the train crash sequence of JJ Abrams' Super 8, not only does a single pickup truck have the ability to derail a highspeed Air Force train but also the driver of the truck, a high school biology teacher, survives.

Create a post in which you come up with an example of realistic fallacy.

Contribute a Critical Viewing Journal entry to our class blog. Your entry should be no less than a paragraph and can be anything movie related. For example, Angel could write about his experiences watching Scott Pilgrim Versus the World and The Hunger Games in Metro's Wednseday film club meetings.